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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Cook County Employees

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Annual Wages

2016Stroger HospitalShah Ami$564,988.32
2016Stroger HospitalArensman Robert$556,595.52
2016Stroger HospitalMerk Bradley$530,986.56
2016Stroger HospitalHouston John$529,518.08
2016Stroger HospitalSmego Douglas$525,000.32
2016Stroger HospitalKapotas James$520,000.00
2015Office Of The Chief Health OfficerShannon John J$519,231.60
2015Stroger HospitalSmego Douglas R$519,231.60
2016Stroger HospitalGarapati Rajeev$510,221.92
2016Stroger HospitalMagnani Jason$508,730.56
2016Stroger HospitalEgofske Peter$500,142.24
2016Office Of The Chief Health OfficerShannon John$500,000.80
2014Stroger HospitalSmego Douglas R$500,000.35
2016Stroger HospitalWysocki Robert$495,179.36
2016Stroger HospitalBruce Benjamin$492,714.56
2015Stroger HospitalEgofske Peter J$482,253.60
2016Stroger HospitalHollowell Courtney$472,499.04
2016Stroger HospitalKeen Richard$470,893.28
2016Stroger HospitalMilburn Mason$468,000.00
2015Stroger HospitalHollowell Courtney$467,307.65
2015Stroger HospitalKeen Richard R$461,324.55
2014Stroger HospitalEgofske Peter J$458,608.80
2016Stroger HospitalMathew Suja$454,750.40
2014Stroger HospitalHollowell Courtney$449,999.94
2016Stroger HospitalBokhari Faran$446,249.44
2014Office Of The Chief Health OfficerShannon John J$446,154.50
2014Stroger HospitalKeen Richard R$444,238.84
2015Stroger HospitalBokhari Faran$441,347.03
2016Stroger HospitalPoulakidas Stathis$440,541.92
2016Stroger HospitalSchaider Jeffrey$439,133.76
2015Stroger HospitalPoulakidas Stathis$431,589.62
2014Stroger HospitalBokhari Faran$425,000.34
2016Stroger HospitalLamberti Paul$425,000.16
2016Stroger HospitalPrieto Jorge$425,000.16
2015Office Of The Chief Health OfficerElwell Douglas$418,500.01
2016Stroger HospitalPillai Srikumar$416,000.00
2016Stroger HospitalLinn Edward$415,800.32
2014Stroger HospitalPoulakidas Stathis$415,604.84
2015Stroger HospitalStanley-christian Heather$415,384.21
2016Stroger HospitalGandhi Yogesh$414,999.52
2016Stroger HospitalNguyen Tuan$408,048.16
2016Stroger HospitalStanley-christian Heather$408,000.32
2016Stroger HospitalDoukky Rami$405,000.96
2016Stroger HospitalPisaneschi Mark$404,250.08
2016Stroger HospitalUkoha Ozuru$404,250.08
2015Stroger HospitalSchaider Jeffrey J$403,560.90
2016Office Of The Chief Health OfficerElwell Douglas$403,000.00
2015Stroger HospitalAkintorin Abayomi$401,060.28
2015Stroger HospitalUkoha Ozuru O$399,807.90
2015Stroger HospitalPisaneschi Mark J$399,807.88
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