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IL - State/Local Employee Pension - State Level Employees

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Monthly Annuity Amount

2016State Of IllinoisParwatikar Sadashiv D$17,821.00
2015State Of IllinoisParwatikar Sadashiv D$17,302.00
2014State Of IllinoisParwatikar Sadashiv D$16,798.00
2016State Of IllinoisModir Kamal$16,107.00
2015State Of IllinoisModir Kamal$15,638.00
2014State Of IllinoisModir Kamal$15,183.00
2016State Of IllinoisVallabhaneni Nageswararao$13,740.00
2016State Of IllinoisBaig Mirza S$13,479.00
2015State Of IllinoisVallabhaneni Nageswararao$13,340.00
2016State Of IllinoisKadkhodaian Hooshmand$13,175.00
2016State Of IllinoisHartman Edith D$13,124.00
2015State Of IllinoisBaig Mirza S$13,087.00
2014State Of IllinoisVallabhaneni Nageswararao$12,952.00
2016State Of IllinoisLofton John H$12,948.00
2015State Of IllinoisKadkhodaian Hooshmand$12,791.00
2015State Of IllinoisHartman Edith D$12,742.00
2014State Of IllinoisBaig Mirza S$12,706.00
2016State Of IllinoisLee Choong H$12,631.00
2016State Of IllinoisPatwari Rajani G$12,628.00
2015State Of IllinoisLofton John H$12,571.00
2016State Of IllinoisMarlin Gene P$12,488.00
2016State Of IllinoisDarlington Larry G$12,460.00
2014State Of IllinoisKadkhodaian Hooshmand$12,419.00
2014State Of IllinoisHartman Edith D$12,371.00
2015State Of IllinoisLee Choong H$12,263.00
2015State Of IllinoisPatwari Rajani G$12,260.00
2014State Of IllinoisLofton John H$12,204.00
2016State Of IllinoisKarnett Larry D$12,171.00
2015State Of IllinoisMarlin Gene P$12,124.00
2015State Of IllinoisDarlington Larry G$12,098.00
2016State Of IllinoisCrisostomo Pomposa L$12,084.00
2016State Of IllinoisBanghart Rosa U$12,047.00
2016State Of IllinoisNowaczyk Robert V$12,022.00
2014State Of IllinoisLee Choong H$11,906.00
2016State Of IllinoisDarosa Timothy J$11,882.00
2016State Of IllinoisKent Daniel W$11,882.00
2016State Of IllinoisMurphy George A$11,882.00
2016State Of IllinoisCooper Keith$11,850.00
2015State Of IllinoisKarnett Larry D$11,816.00
2014State Of IllinoisMarlin Gene P$11,771.00
2016State Of IllinoisBaker Edward T$11,767.00
2014State Of IllinoisDarlington Larry G$11,745.00
2015State Of IllinoisCrisostomo Pomposa L$11,732.00
2016State Of IllinoisHayden Roger L$11,730.00
2016State Of IllinoisDaniel John D$11,718.00
2016State Of IllinoisEsper Larry D$11,708.00
2015State Of IllinoisBanghart Rosa U$11,696.00
2016State Of IllinoisThundiyil Grace M$11,689.00
2015State Of IllinoisNowaczyk Robert V$11,672.00
2016State Of IllinoisMeiszner John$11,657.00
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