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Recipient Name

Dollars Obligated

2015Sanitary Sewer InterceptorCOAL CITYGene Wren Construction Co. LLC($430,000.00)
2016Levee Gravel ResurfacingWILLOWBROOKdsi Associates Incorporated($340,000.00)
2016Elkhart Ave Force Main ReplacementWILLOWBROOKdsi Associates Incorporated($314,758.00)
2015New entrance to allow ADA accessibility to Bldg 58ADDIEVILLEVeteran Contracting of America LLC($200,010.00)
2016Building #5 Renovation at Jesse Brown VAMCJOLIETBlue Yonder Inc.($200,000.00)
2016BioMed Server Room at Jesse Brown VAMCJOLIETBlue Yonder Inc.($200,000.00)
2016Sheffer Rd & Farnsworth Ave Water Main ReplacementCREST HILLLen Cox and Sons Excavating($147,500.00)
2015Field Renovations & Improvements - Bid Phase 2 & 3JOLIETCBA Morris Inc. dba Austin Electric Inc.($125,000.00)
20152015 ATI Field Lighting and Power UpgradeJOLIETCBA Morris Inc. dba Austin Electric Inc.($100,000.00)
2015re-roof (4) Plainfield SchoolsMONTGOMERYMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($100,000.00)
2015Construct a PT bubbleADDIEVILLEVeteran Contracting of America LLC($99,800.00)
2016roof restoration and coatingSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($99,700.00)
2015Gates Simmons East Aurora- roof replacementMONTGOMERYMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($95,000.00)
2015Mattoon High School Roofing Project 2015MATTOONIndustrial Services of Illinois Inc.($90,000.00)
2016re-roof and masonry restoration of YMCASAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($89,000.00)
2015Lemont East Utility Improvement - Phase I - Bell Road to McCarthy RoadCREST HILLLen Cox and Sons Excavating($85,000.00)
2015District 67 Roof Foam Reconditioning-2015CHICAGOBiofoam Inc.($82,700.00)
2016Roof ReplacementMATTOONIndustrial Services of Illinois Inc.($82,400.00)
2016Metras Headquarters 8th Floor RenovationsLINCOLNWOODKandu Construction Inc.($80,000.00)
2016re-roof different roof areas at (2) schoolsSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($80,000.00)
2015General Trades PackagePEORIAMid-Illinois Companies Corporation($62,500.00)
2015Sewer Improvements W. Diversey ParkwaySCHAUMBURGOcean Mist Inc.($62,500.00)
2015Construct physical training pitADDIEVILLEVeteran Contracting of America LLC($60,000.00)
2015Install shower dividersADDIEVILLEVeteran Contracting of America LLC($60,000.00)
2015Construct 2 physical training pit. Concrete curbing with drainage & mulchADDIEVILLEVeteran Contracting of America LLC($60,000.00)
2016re-roofSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($55,000.00)
2016Butler Government Center Restroom RenovationsLINCOLNWOODKandu Construction Inc.($50,000.00)
2015Roof replacement at Sherriff's Office Jail & Bldg #2SAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($49,500.00)
2016new constrctuion roof w/ metal panelsSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($46,000.00)
2016Police Department 2nd Floor RenovationsLINCOLNWOODKandu Construction Inc.($45,000.00)
2016Georgetown Ridge Farm HVACMATTOONIndustrial Services of Illinois Inc.($40,000.00)
2016Salt Kettle/Illini Prairie Rest Area Roof ReplacementMATTOONIndustrial Services of Illinois Inc.($40,000.00)
2016Alcott Center Toilet Room RenovationsLINCOLNWOODKandu Construction Inc.($40,000.00)
2016Exterior Building ImprovementsGODFREYHeafner Contracting Inc.($37,500.00)
2015Re-roof replacement & repairs for Neal SchoolMONTGOMERYMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($37,500.00)
2015Westview Elementary School 2015 ReroofCHENOAUnion Roofing Company Inc.($37,500.00)
2016Peoria HA Sterling Towers renovation abatement painting VCT & carpet replaceMACKINAWAFE Construction LLC($35,000.00)
2016Doris Ave Water Main Improvements Project - 2016CREST HILLLen Cox and Sons Excavating($35,000.00)
2016Westchester Public Library - roofingSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($35,000.00)
2016re-roof & deck replacementSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($32,500.00)
2015Freeburg High School Concession Stand & Restroom Additions & RenovationsGODFREYHeafner Contracting Inc.($32,500.00)
2015Swallow Cliff Site Improvements-grading pavers demo landscaping removalsPLAINFIELDFuertes Systems Landscaping Inc.($31,500.00)
2017Fees paid for insurance company?s administrative and operating expenses related to the Federal Crop Insurance programSCHAUMBURGAMERICAN AGRICULTURAL($31,143.32)
2016Bldg New Fire Station & Site work; 2016-016SPRINGFIELDProw'ess Construction Corporation($30,000.00)
2015Oswego Library Low VoltageJOLIETCBA Morris Inc. dba Austin Electric Inc.($30,000.00)
2015Coating & Skylight Repairs Shingles for Greenbay SchoolMONTGOMERYMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($30,000.00)
2016Rend Lake College Children's Center AdditionGODFREYHeafner Contracting Inc.($27,500.00)
2015Office RenovationsGODFREYHeafner Contracting Inc.($25,500.00)
2016partial re-roof of District Admin BldgSAINT CHARLESMalcor Roofing of Illinios Inc.($25,000.00)
2016Concession Building/Office Building ModificationsJACKSONVILLENeff Colvin Inc.($25,000.00)
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