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Monthly Annuity Amount

2015La Harpe Csd 347Abbott Elizabeth E$1,031.46
2017Decatur School District 61Abbott Emily L$5,102.53
2016Decatur School District 61Abbott Emily L$4,809.62
2015Decatur School District 61Abbott Emily L$4,669.53
2017Special Ed Dist Of Lake CountyAbbott Frances M$5,725.20
2015Special Ed Dist Of Lake CountyAbbott Frances M$5,239.37
2016Special Ed Dist Of Lake CountyAbbott Frances M$5,396.55
2016Momence Cusd 1Abbott Gerald L$4,434.42
2015Momence Cusd 1Abbott Gerald L$3,722.68
2017Rich Twp Hsd 227Abbott Glen B$1,276.31
2017Momence Cusd 1Abbott Gerald L$4,704.47
2016Rich Twp Hsd 227Abbott Glen B$1,203.05
2015Rich Twp Hsd 227Abbott Glen B$1,148.31
2017Elementary Sd 159Abbott Herbert C$4,142.93
2016Elementary Sd 159Abbott Herbert C$3,905.11
2015Elementary Sd 159Abbott Herbert C$3,791.37
2017Decatur School District 61Abbott Jacelyn L$5,502.82
2016Decatur School District 61Abbott Jacelyn L$5,186.93
2015Decatur School District 61Abbott Jacelyn L$5,035.85
2016Elementary Sd 159Abbott Joan M$3,518.38
2017Elementary Sd 159Abbott Joan M$3,732.65
2015Elementary Sd 159Abbott Joan M$3,415.90
2017Glen Ellyn Sd 41Abbott Lillie C$8,400.82
2016Glen Ellyn Sd 41Abbott Lillie C$7,918.58
2015Glen Ellyn Sd 41Abbott Lillie C$7,687.94
2017East St Louis Sd 189Abbott Louise A$6,422.41
2016East St Louis Sd 189Abbott Louise A$6,053.74
2015East St Louis Sd 189Abbott Louise A$5,877.42
2017Palatine Ccsd 15Abbott Marguerite A$7,411.84
2015Palatine Ccsd 15Abbott Marguerite A$7,411.84
2016Palatine Ccsd 15Abbott Marguerite A$7,411.84
2017Olympia Cusd 16Abbott Marnel R$6,104.78
2016Olympia Cusd 16Abbott Marnel R$5,754.34
2015Olympia Cusd 16Abbott Marnel R$5,586.74
2017TrsAbbott Marsha M$287.38
2016TrsAbbott Marsha M$270.88
2015TrsAbbott Marsha M$262.99
2017Springfield Sd 186Abbott Mary D$4,347.74
2016Springfield Sd 186Abbott Mary D$4,347.74
2017Waukegan Cusd 60Abbott Mary R$6,822.41
2016Waukegan Cusd 60Abbott Mary R$6,430.78
2015Waukegan Cusd 60Abbott Mary R$6,243.48
2017Northfield Twp Hsd 225Abbott Nicole G$4,091.50
2016Northfield Twp Hsd 225Abbott Nicole G$3,795.50
2015Northfield Twp Hsd 225Abbott Nicole G$3,795.50
2017Aurora West Usd 129Abbott Pamela E$3,087.61
2016Aurora West Usd 129Abbott Pamela E$2,861.69
2015Aurora West Usd 129Abbott Pamela E$2,861.69
2017Roxana Cusd 1Abbott Pamela S$6,287.39
2016Roxana Cusd 1Abbott Pamela S$5,926.47
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