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Monthly Annuity Amount

2015Roxana Cusd 1Abbott Pamela S$5,753.85
2017Bloomington Sd 87Abbott Phyllis A$1,129.18
2016Bloomington Sd 87Abbott Phyllis A$1,064.36
2015Bloomington Sd 87Abbott Phyllis A$1,033.36
2017Township Hsd 214Abbott Richard L$8,916.32
2016Township Hsd 214Abbott Richard L$8,404.49
2015Township Hsd 214Abbott Richard L$8,159.70
2017North Shore Sd 112Abbott Steven R$10,378.18
2016North Shore Sd 112Abbott Steven R$9,782.43
2015North Shore Sd 112Abbott Steven R$9,497.50
2017Highland Cusd 5Abbott Susan L$4,440.43
2016Highland Cusd 5Abbott Susan L$4,185.53
2015Highland Cusd 5Abbott Susan L$3,996.69
2017Lake Zurich Cusd 95Abboud Laurie F$4,595.59
2016Lake Zurich Cusd 95Abboud Laurie F$4,331.79
2015Lake Zurich Cusd 95Abboud Laurie F$4,138.96
2017School District U46Abbs Donald B$5,048.70
2016School District U46Abbs Donald B$4,758.88
2015School District U46Abbs Donald B$4,620.27
2017Echo Joint AgreementAbdoe Marilyn L$5,922.69
2016Echo Joint AgreementAbdoe Marilyn L$5,582.70
2015Echo Joint AgreementAbdoe Marilyn L$5,420.10
2017Community Unit Sd 200Abdoo Virginia M$5,531.41
2016Community Unit Sd 200Abdoo Virginia M$5,213.88
2015Community Unit Sd 200Abdoo Virginia M$5,062.02
2017St Charles Cusd 303Abdullah Beverly D$2,180.50
2016St Charles Cusd 303Abdullah Beverly D$2,055.33
2015St Charles Cusd 303Abdullah Beverly D$1,963.33
2017Decatur School District 61Abegg Julia A$3,794.92
2016Decatur School District 61Abegg Julia A$3,577.08
2015Decatur School District 61Abegg Julia A$3,472.89
2017Lake Forest Sd 67Abel Elizabeth D$5,921.23
2017Peoria Sd 150Abel Ginger K$6,138.00
2015Lake Forest Sd 67Abel Elizabeth D$5,491.44
2016Lake Forest Sd 67Abel Elizabeth D$5,491.44
2016Peoria Sd 150Abel Ginger K$5,785.65
2015Peoria Sd 150Abel Ginger K$5,617.14
2017Wheeling Ccsd 21Abel Joyce G$3,313.05
2016Wheeling Ccsd 21Abel Joyce G$3,122.86
2015Wheeling Ccsd 21Abel Joyce G$3,031.90
2017Seja 804 NssedAbel Kent J$3,696.95
2016Seja 804 NssedAbel Kent J$3,484.73
2015Seja 804 NssedAbel Kent J$3,383.23
2017Park Ridge Ccsd 64Abel Letty G$3,543.13
2016Park Ridge Ccsd 64Abel Letty G$3,339.74
2015Park Ridge Ccsd 64Abel Letty G$3,242.47
2017North Palos Sd 117Abel Nancy A$3,277.87
2015North Palos Sd 117Abel Nancy A$3,037.08
2016North Palos Sd 117Abel Nancy A$3,037.08
2017Sycamore Cusd 427Abel Robert H$7,277.11
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