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Monthly Annuity Amount

2015Springfield Sd 186Etling Kay L$7.20
2016Springfield Sd 186Etling Kay L$7.42
2017Springfield Sd 186Etling Kay L$7.87
2015Skokie Sd 68Molay Margot S$14.30
2016Skokie Sd 68Molay Margot S$14.73
2017Skokie Sd 68Molay Margot S$15.63
2015Gower Sd 62Colver Laverne A$16.55
2016Gower Sd 62Colver Laverne A$17.05
2015Urbana Sd 116Hunter Marilyn W$17.48
2016Urbana Sd 116Hunter Marilyn W$18.00
2017Urbana Sd 116Hunter Marilyn W$19.10
2015Orland Park Sd 135Alvarez Laurel B$19.51
2016Orland Park Sd 135Alvarez Laurel B$20.42
2015Alton Cusd 11Allen David L$20.88
2016Alton Cusd 11Allen David L$21.51
2017Orland Park Sd 135Alvarez Laurel B$21.66
2015TrsTaylor Charles R$22.46
2017Alton Cusd 11Allen David L$22.82
2015Glen Ellyn Ccsd 89Wemple Diane E$22.97
2017Princeton Esd 115Reeves Mary E$24.73
2015St Charles Cusd 303Jeffrey Janet L$26.28
2015Illinois Valley Central 321Nebgen Judy E$26.59
2016St Charles Cusd 303Jeffrey Janet L$27.07
2016Monmouth Usd 38Simonson Sara D$27.19
2016Illinois Valley Central 321Nebgen Judy E$27.39
2015Highland Park Twp Hsd 113Llorens Kathleen$27.53
2016Highland Park Twp Hsd 113Llorens Kathleen$28.36
2017St Charles Cusd 303Jeffrey Janet L$28.72
2017Illinois Valley Central 321Nebgen Judy E$29.06
2015West Central Il Spec Educ CoopMiller Mary L$29.21
2017SasedDulaney Luz E$29.29
2015Medinah Esd 11Rhyner Mary J$29.62
2015Southwestern Cusd 9Chappell Nancy A$29.66
2017Highland Park Twp Hsd 113Llorens Kathleen$30.09
2016West Central Il Spec Educ CoopMiller Mary L$30.09
2016Medinah Esd 11Rhyner Mary J$30.51
2016Southwestern Cusd 9Chappell Nancy A$30.55
2015Aledo Cusd 201Thompson Antonine M$30.61
2016Aledo Cusd 201Thompson Antonine M$30.61
2015Harvard Cusd 50Dennison Brenda C$31.33
2015Diamond Lake Sd 76Merriam Joan C$31.35
2017West Central Il Spec Educ CoopMiller Mary L$31.92
2015Rock Falls Elementary Sd 13Taylor Patricia F$31.93
2016Harvard Cusd 50Dennison Brenda C$32.27
2016Diamond Lake Sd 76Merriam Joan C$32.29
2017Medinah Esd 11Rhyner Mary J$32.37
2017Southwestern Cusd 9Chappell Nancy A$32.41
2016Bloomingdale Sd 13Orourke Nancy$32.44
2015Marion Cusd 2Estrada Mary J$32.53
2015Cypress School District 64Yarbor Elza M$32.69
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