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IL - State/Local Employee Salaries - Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

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Annual Wages

2014Chicago Teachers' Pension FundHuber Kevin B$232,952.00
2016Noble AdministratorsMilkie Michael$223,029.00
2016Chicago Teachers Pension FundBurbridge Charles A$212,526.00
2016Illinois Federation Of TeacherHarston Ava$192,792.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsJackson Janice K$189,376.00
2016Urban Prep AcademiesAllen Lionel E$185,658.00
2016Chicago Teachers Pension FundMadson Tiffany R$183,036.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsLittle Denise J$182,096.00
2015PerspectivesDay Kimberlie$180,000.00
2016PerspectivesDay Kimberlie$180,000.00
2015PerspectivesShulla-cose Diana$180,000.00
2016PerspectivesShulla-cose Diana$180,000.00
2014PerspectivesDay Kimberlie$179,708.00
2014PerspectivesShulla-cose Diana$179,708.00
2014Chief Education OfficerGurley Annette D$175,000.00
2014Chief Of StaffLittle Denise J$175,000.00
2015Chief Of StaffLittle Denise J$175,000.00
2016Moving EverestRogers Michael$175,000.00
2015Chief Education OfficerGurley Annette D$174,327.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsGurley Annette D$172,981.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsKirby Elizabeth A$169,309.00
2016Chicago Teachers UnionEchevarria Sara$169,131.00
2015City Wide Pension & Liab InsEchevarria Sara$169,131.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsMather Alan W$165,661.00
2016Sullivan HouseGattuso Thomas$165,010.00
2014City Wide Pension & Liab InsEchevarria Sara$163,844.00
2016Chicago Teachers UnionCherkasky-davis Lynn$163,731.00
2015Ferdinand W Peck SchoolHassan Okab T$162,748.00
2015Luther Burbank SchoolBroyls Hiram$162,748.00
2015Walt Disney Magnet SchoolHagstrom Kathleen$162,748.00
2015Whitney M Young Magnet HsKenner Joyce D$162,748.00
2015Schools & RegionsBaccellieri Patrick H$162,137.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsBroyls Hiram$160,882.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHagstrom Kathleen$160,882.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsHassan Okab T$160,882.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsKenner Joyce D$160,882.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsDassinger Barton A$160,714.00
2015Noble Street - RoweMartinez Ana M$160,000.00
2015William Jones Academic Mag HsPowers Paul J$159,604.00
2014City Wide Pension & Liab InsHunter Kenneth L$159,569.00
2014Luther Burbank SchoolBroyls Hiram$159,569.00
2014Walt Disney Magnet SchoolHagstrom Kathleen$159,569.00
2014Whitney M Young Magnet HsKenner Joyce D$159,569.00
2014William P Gray SchoolCarlson Sandra K$159,569.00
2014Ferdinand W Peck SchoolHassan Okab T$159,370.00
2015Ella Flagg Young SchoolBell Crystal A$158,990.00
2016Catalyst- Maria Charter SchoolHannon Gordon$158,083.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsBell Crystal A$157,774.00
2016Chicago Public SchoolsPowers Paul J$157,774.00
2015Alexander Graham SchoolNichols John C$156,740.00
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