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Recipient Name

Face Value

2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,414,906.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,385,451.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,380,701.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,375,629.75
2017PLAINFIELDPrimrose School of Plainfield$4,361,100.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,350,434.15
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,347,463.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,346,387.85
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,284,078.30
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,281,912.50
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,280,997.50
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,278,980.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,272,822.50
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,255,373.00
2015SCHILLER PARKSchiller Lodges LLC$4,245,000.00
2017SPRINGFIELDJay Hospitality Group LLC$4,242,000.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,210,041.75
2017GLEN CARBONVariety Storage LLC$4,200,000.00
2016HILLSIDEBuona Beef LLC$4,195,000.00
2015LIBERTYVILLEBCI Acrylic Bath Systems Inc.$4,192,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,189,482.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,177,827.00
2015ROBBINSChicago Briquette LLC$4,145,000.00
2015SKOKIE9651 GPR Inc.$4,135,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,124,224.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,116,327.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,115,325.00
2017MCHENRYJusten Funeral Home & Crematory$4,100,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,062,705.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,062,174.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,045,331.00
2016SpringfieldCurran-Gardner Townships Public Water Distric$4,040,000.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$4,027,152.00
2015LAKE ZURICHLong Grove PS LLC$4,021,000.00
2017CHICAGO2550 Ashland LLC$4,005,000.00
2017KANKAKEESteelfab Inc.$4,000,000.00
2016DecaturArcher Daniels Midland Co.$3,999,181.00
2017LAKE FORESTIS Investment LLC$3,988,000.00
2017WAUKEGANHampton Inn and Suites Waukegan$3,987,000.00
2017GLENVIEWBright Beginnings Inc.$3,975,000.00
2016CarthageHancock County Senior Services Association$3,965,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,954,961.00
2015BRADLEYMazales Properties Inc$3,950,000.00
2016SAVOYSportsVet Animal Medical Center$3,943,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,938,586.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,933,584.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,917,335.75
2017MATTESONSai Investments LLC$3,907,400.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,894,975.00
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