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Recipient Name

Face Value

2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,892,247.40
2016DecaturArcher Daniels Midland Co.$3,877,550.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,869,387.25
2015LINCOLNMMIL Entertainment LLC$3,863,200.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,852,205.00
2016DecaturArcher Daniels Midland Co.$3,849,999.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,822,043.00
2017GURNEEGURU KRIPA LLC$3,817,500.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,763,423.50
2017ROLLING MEADOWSCrowd Control Warehouse LLC$3,750,000.00
2016CHICAGO1134 W Washington LLC$3,728,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,719,694.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,713,903.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,709,424.00
2016DecaturArcher Daniels Midland Co.$3,701,412.00
2016MOKENACalumet Mokena Real Estate LLC$3,700,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,685,270.00
2015DES PLAINESDPE Real Estate LLC$3,685,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,676,856.00
2017GALESBURGACT Together Inc.$3,660,000.00
2016BARRINGTONMKA Advisors LLC$3,650,000.00
2016ARLINGTON HEIGHTSWestgate Dental Care$3,650,000.00
2017LAKE FORESTPraxis Life Sciences LLC$3,635,000.00
2015PEORIAKalman Health & Wellness Inc$3,620,000.00
2015ARLINGTON HEIGHTSSunrise Hospitality Inc.$3,620,000.00
2016FOX RIVER GROVEAvante Banquets & Conference Center Inc$3,601,000.00
2017CHICAGOExworks Capital LLC$3,600,000.00
2017MOKENAMokena Learning Center LLC$3,600,000.00
2015Wayne CityWayne City Vill Of$3,600,000.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,598,849.25
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,589,079.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,585,892.10
2016CAROL STREAMDevanco Foods$3,579,000.00
2017YORKVILLEGround Effects Outdoor Living LLC$3,573,000.00
2017DECATURDecatur Investments LLC$3,570,000.00
2017BOLINGBROOKGotlund Holdings LLC$3,570,000.00
2015CHICAGORMLD LLC$3,557,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,529,429.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,520,331.00
2016DecaturArcher Daniels Midland Co.$3,511,000.00
2017CHICAGOCode Drafters LLC$3,504,500.00
2016WAYNEWeiss Financial Services Inc.$3,500,000.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,485,609.00
2015DEERFIELDStarland RE Holdings LLC$3,483,000.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,466,035.00
2015MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,459,180.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$3,445,233.25
2015SAINT CHARLESFox Valley Volkswagen LLC$3,439,000.00
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