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2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)LAKE FORKOGLESBY CARL E$394,625.00
2016General PartnershipMarketing Assistance LoanBIGGSVILLECOUNTRY FARMS$394,000.00
2016General PartnershipMarketing Assistance LoanMILLEDGEVILLEJ & J FARMS$394,000.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)GALATIAHALE DAVID L$393,687.03
2017Trust-RevocableMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)PLANOHOWARD W ROSENWINKEL DECLARATI ON OF LIVI NG TR$392,000.00
2017Trust-RevocableMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)PLANOREBECCA M ROSENWINKE L DECLARAT ION OF LIV ING T$392,000.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanLANARKPERSON CHRISTOPHE J$392,000.00
2016CorporationMarketing Assistance LoanSAVANNAMCINTYRE FARMS INC$391,609.99
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanURSASHRIVER PAUL HENRY$390,704.00
2016CorporationMarketing Assistance LoanCHATSWORTHJAS FARMS INC$390,000.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)MARENGOGIESEKE JEREMY A$388,000.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanURSASHRIVER ASHLEY ALAN$387,068.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanURSASHRIVER MATTHEW LANE$387,068.00
2016Limited Liability CompanyMarketing Assistance LoanNEW DOUGLASULRICH FAMILY FARMS LLC$384,606.65
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanROCHELLEHILL MARK C$380,936.19
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanLAKE FORKOGLESBY CARL E$380,460.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanSUGAR GROVERUH STEPHEN FRANK$377,810.55
2016General PartnershipMarketing Assistance LoanWHEELERNIEMERG FARM$376,358.51
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)ROCHELLEHILL MARK C$372,573.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanSHIPMANSHELTON RICHARD L$371,189.37
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanLANARKRAAB BRIAN K$370,440.00
2017General PartnershipMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)COMPTONGILMORE FARMS$368,280.00
2017General PartnershipMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)WATERMANMTR FARMS$361,998.00
2016Limited Liability CompanyMarketing Assistance LoanNEW DOUGLASULRICH FAMILY FARMS LLC$361,800.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanMONMOUTHYOUNGQUIST ZACKARY S$360,750.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)XENIACOOPER GARY V$359,854.04
2017General PartnershipMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)DURANDCAD DBA CARLSON AND DOLAN$357,700.00
2016Joint VentureMarketing Assistance LoanSHANNONSCHOENY KENT & JULIE JOINT VEN TURE$354,600.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)MAGNOLIAGLENN LAURIE L$353,500.00
2017General PartnershipMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)RAYMONDWOOD FAMILY PARTNERS HIP$351,000.00
2015IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanLAKE FORKOGLESBY CARL E$350,175.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)MULKEYTOWNKIRCHNER DOCK C$347,809.80
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)MULKEYTOWNKIRCHNER JAMES M JR$347,809.80
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)CHRISTOPHERKIRCHNER JAMES M SR$347,809.80
2017Limited Liability CompanyMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)MEDORAKJL FARMS LLC$347,732.40
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)ALEDOPETERSON MICHAEL D$346,260.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanSENECAMYRE MARTIN G$346,260.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)CHADWICKJOHNSON DAWN MARIE$345,452.30
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)CHADWICKJOHNSON MICHAEL DONALD$345,452.31
2017General PartnershipMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)COMPTONGILMORE FARMS$342,780.00
2016CorporationMarketing Assistance LoanEFFINGHAMDJD-3 INC$338,748.16
2017CorporationMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)CHRISMANPHIPPS FARMS INC$338,000.00
2017IndividualMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)VANDALIAMEYER ROBERT P$337,920.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanWOODSTOCKSASS DANIEL N$337,750.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanWOODSTOCKSASS DENISE$337,750.00
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanRAMSEYCRABTREE KENNETH D$337,602.68
2016IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanSUGAR GROVERUH STEPHEN FRANK$337,010.98
2017General PartnershipMarketing Assistance Loan (non-recourse)ENFIELDA S & K FARMS$336,757.00
2015IndividualMarketing Assistance LoanRAMSEYCRABTREE KENNETH D$335,216.00
2016General PartnershipMarketing Assistance LoanROCK FALLSPERINO LAND & CATTLE$334,900.00
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