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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingClavel Monica B$74,200.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingClinkscales Asmarah$158,760.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingColeman Valerie S$65,720.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingCollins Michael Ray$162,677.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingColombo Jeanette N$35,854.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingColton Myekka D$56,600.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingConley Monique N$67,840.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesAccountingCurry Celestine J$104,265.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingDarras Christ J$90,754.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingDaughaday Angelica M$162,677.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingDempsey Julie A$88,233.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingDempsey Maureen S$201,131.00
2018Department Of LaborAccountingDilisio Thomas C$110,223.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingDrevant Charlotte Lynn$98,317.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingDryer Kristin L$162,677.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingDunagan James M$43,857.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingEkdale John W$162,677.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingElsebaie Emad A$201,131.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingEmerson Isaac Raymond$80,670.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesAccountingEne Adanna C$83,191.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingEvans Angie Renee$160,686.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingEwald Michael J$83,191.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingFerguson Monique L$43,857.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingFiffles Mark D$116,181.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingFigueroa Natalie J$85,712.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingFilipek Iwona A$69,960.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyAccountingFinley Arlene E$82,680.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingFisco Christopher V$58,369.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesAccountingFleischhacker Michael J$95,796.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingForssander Tara R$101,286.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingFox Susanne B$43,857.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingFreye Ralph B$35,854.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingFreyre Ambar$135,064.00
2018Railroad Retirement BoardAccountingFultz Jenny J$78,440.00
2018Department Of JusticeAccountingGendreau Travis James$46,781.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingGeorgieva Severina N$54,831.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingGlaser Pesach$159,322.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingGlim Nicole N$162,677.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingGohl Stacey E$175,693.00
2018Department Of LaborAccountingGoolsby Ronald$116,181.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingGotchie James R$119,139.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingGracia Louis A$201,131.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingGrobelski Jonathon M$136,776.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyAccountingHackley Richard D$116,181.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingHagen Brad J$83,191.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyAccountingHaile Linda Maria$98,317.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingHarris Davey$67,840.00
2018Department Of EnergyAccountingHarrison-Powers Kimberli R$82,680.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingHaselhorst Nathan D$162,677.00
2018Securities And Exchange CommissionAccountingHelpingstine Delia L$175,693.00
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