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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2012Department Of Veterans AffairsDanvilleNurseAdams Carrie F$66,602.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesFood Service WorkingAdams Clara R$21,475.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesFire Protection And PreventionAdams Dandre A$43,925.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoSocial Insurance AdministrationAdams Delfin Amy E$59,169.00
2012Department Of TransportationAuroraAir Traffic ControlAdams Doreen M$170,558.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesMedical OfficerAdams Elaine Mary$218,570.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoSocial Insurance AdministrationAdams Elease L$65,006.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsMarionBudget AnalysisAdams Donald P$65,061.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationAdams Eunice A$53,728.00
2012Railroad Retirement BoardChicagoRailroad Retirement Claims ExaminingAdams Felicia G$46,760.00
2012General Services AdministrationChicagoHuman Resources ManagementAdams G Tamara$128,789.00
2012Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmChicagoAdministrative OfficerAdams Georgia L$95,509.00
2012Department Of CommerceMaryvilleMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantAdams Glendola F$27,990.00
2012Department Of Health And Human ServicesChicagoDental OfficerAdams James E$89,664.00
2012Department Of LaborHillsboroMine Safety And Health Inspection SeriesAdams Jeffrey W$73,396.00
2012Department Of AgricultureRobinsonSoil Conservation TechnicianAdams Jonathon W$45,258.00
2012Department Of Health And Human ServicesChicagoConsumer SafetyAdams Joshua M$51,995.00
2012Social Security AdministrationPeoriaContact RepresentativeAdams Kelly J$54,412.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesCustodial WorkingAdams Larry E$35,729.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoLegal AssistanceAdams Latisha R$47,076.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoNursing AssistantAdams Lawrence$35,460.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesMedical TechnicianAdams Linda M$39,871.00
2012Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmChicagoGeneral AttorneyAdams Lisa E$130,677.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAdams Lois G$99,286.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoSocial Insurance AdministrationAdams Maggie M$137,740.00
2012Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmChicagoGeneral Business And IndustryAdams Marlese Pimentel$95,509.00
2012Environmental Protection AgencyChicagoEnvironmental Protection SpecialistAdams Marsha A$98,022.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoCustodial WorkingAdams Melvin M$35,729.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsDanvilleNursing AssistantAdams Michael E$32,359.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsMarionMedical OfficerAdams Michael W$210,000.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoContact RepresentativeAdams Monique C$54,920.00
2012Department Of LaborCalumet CitySafety And Occupational Health ManagemenAdams Moses L$85,456.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsMarionDietitian And NutritionistAdams Natalie J$63,148.00
2012Selective Service SystemGreat LakesManagement And Program AnalysisAdams Paula J$92,996.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsDanvilleNurseAdams Rita J$63,300.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesManagement And Program AnalysisAdams Robert L$95,641.00
2012Social Security AdministrationOrland ParkLegal AssistanceAdams Ruby$67,589.00
2012Department Of EducationChicagoManagement And Program AnalysisAdams Sarah L$92,653.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesPractical NurseAdams Sharon M$55,033.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsMarionGeneral Education And TrainingAdams Shawn J$87,157.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsBellevilleMedical Support AssistanceAdams Syrone O$38,619.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsNorth ChicagoMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramAdams Teresa A$68,714.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsNorth ChicagoPsychology Aid And TechnicianAdams Tom$49,595.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoHealth Aid And TechnicianAdams Torrence T$30,054.00
2012Department Of TransportationChicagoCommunity PlanningAdams Vanessa M$116,562.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesPractical NurseAdams Yvette$51,976.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantAdams-Wilds Jackie L$48,177.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoLibrarianAdamshick Robert D$71,296.00
2012Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationDowners GroveFinancial AnalysisAdamski Dariusz S$83,022.00
2012Social Security AdministrationProspect HeightsContact RepresentativeAdamski Michele M$61,195.00
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