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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2018Social Security AdministrationSupport Services AdministrationAvila Vladimir$88,233.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseAviles Linnie G$105,097.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationAviles Lynna$88,233.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseAviles William$95,617.00
2018Department Of EducationGeneral Business And IndustryAvina Monica N$67,840.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationAvitan Brenda R$98,317.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesGeneral Health ScienceAvner Lindsay S$65,218.75
2018Department Of AgricultureVeterinary Medical ScienceAwan Khadim H$112,107.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPharmacistAwan Sundus S$45,889.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyChemistryAwanya Francis A$98,317.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesHealth Insurance AdministrationAy Jean$98,307.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsTraining InstructionAyala Jose A$56,600.00
2018Social Security AdministrationContact RepresentativeAyala Maritza L$39,707.00
2018Social Security AdministrationAdministrative OfficerAyala Monica$48,243.00
2018Department Of TransportationEnvironmental Protection SpecialistAyers Robert H$101,286.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsHealth Aid And TechnicianAyinde Animashaun Olu$29,957.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseAyodele Janet R$69,589.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseAyodele Omolara O$93,809.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyParalegal SpecialistAyres Donald E$80,560.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyChemical EngineeringAyres Sara Speckhard$88,233.00
2018Department Of CommercePatent ExaminingAzad Md Abul K$78,149.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical OfficerAzad Nasrin$151,653.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsManagement And Program AnalysisAzeem Syed A$74,200.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection SpecialistAzevedo George P$90,754.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseAziaka Olubunmi M$80,090.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical OfficerAziz Nermeen E$120,630.00
2018Department Of JusticeGeneral AttorneyAziz Saba$75,628.00
2018Department Of Homeland SecurityTraining InstructionAzrikam Leonard H$90,969.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseAzzolin Jodi L$116,486.00
2018Department Of InteriorWildlife Refuge ManagementBaalman Mitchell A$43,857.00
2018Department Of JusticeEngineering TechnicalBaar Devon James$53,062.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsHealth Aid And TechnicianBabalola Olalekan A$38,244.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBabas Renz$64,282.00
2018General Services AdministrationProgram ManagementBabcock Robert J$126,148.00
2018Social Security AdministrationGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationBabiarz Sharon L$49,705.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationBabilonia Myrna$82,680.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBabin Laura K$81,397.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBabista John T$88,507.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBacasmas Lalaine C$93,247.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical OfficerBach Harold H$103,395.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPharmacy TechnicianBachleda-Prazec Jessica M$32,264.00
2018Department Of AgricultureConsumer SafetyBaburam Michael J$98,317.00
2018Department Of TransportationCivil EngineeringBachman Dennis D$88,233.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantBachmann Carla S$46,609.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical OfficerBachour Fida$120,630.00
2018Department Of LaborIndustrial HygieneBachus Jami A$80,560.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsAccountingBackes Brian J$69,960.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPharmacistBacigalupo Kevin J$98,317.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical OfficerBackes Katherine A$106,842.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsInformation Technology ManagementBackus Brian A$104,265.00
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