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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2018Department Of AgricultureLoan SpecialistBacon Abby L$69,960.00
2018Department Of TransportationManagement And Program AnalysisBacon Bruce Alan$41,908.00
2018Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationFinancial Institution ExaminingBacon Daniel J$51,700.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsCustodial WorkingBacon Henry$31,158.91
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBacon Jodi A$110,393.00
2018Department Of JusticeMaterials HandlerBacon Peter H$57,559.46
2018Department Of TransportationAir Traffic ControlBacon-Mcneal Delorean$119,445.00
2018Department Of TransportationTransportation SpecialistBacuita Adriano V$67,296.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBadal Jennifer S$81,397.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBade-Mcevoy Aimee Lynn$94,751.00
2018Department Of Homeland SecurityGrants ManagementBadesch Helen C$63,600.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical OfficerBadiee Soraya$120,630.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationBadillo Teresa H$58,369.00
2018Department Of EnergyProgram ManagementBaebler Cynthia K$136,659.00
2018Nat Archives And Records AdministrationArchivistBaehr William E$63,600.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBaele Nicholas$73,127.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPodiatristBaer Gary E$104,265.00
2018Department Of CommerceMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantBaetz Maureen M$25,871.00
2018Department Of JusticeCorrectional Institution AdministrationBaez Patino Heidy M$72,080.00
2018Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationFinancial Institution ExaminingBaez Ruben$136,419.00
2018Social Security AdministrationGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationBaez-Mcgrew Monique$48,243.00
2018Department Of TransportationAir Traffic ControlBaggett Chad E$120,319.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantBaggett Kelly A$38,244.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNursing AssistantBaginski Danuta J$30,875.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsFood Service WorkingBaguio Keith M$57,768.16
2018Department Of Housing And Urban DevelopmGeneral AttorneyBaguio Maria T$116,181.00
2018Department Of LaborMine Safety And Health Inspection SeriesBagwell Jeffrey L$85,712.00
2018General Services AdministrationMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramBagwell John G$72,080.00
2018Department Of JusticeInformation Technology ManagementBagwell Kelly J$82,680.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical Support AssistanceBahena Abygail$23,045.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsHealth Aid And TechnicianBahena Gloria S$23,813.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsCustodial WorkingBahena Deulberto$33,016.34
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical Support AssistanceBahena Michelle$28,945.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsStatisticsBahn Gideon D$78,440.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPractical NurseBahonsua Zosimo S$41,939.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramBahr Catherine C$113,198.88
2018Environmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental EngineeringBahr Ryan J$110,223.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsDental OfficerBahrani Hayder F$120,630.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsRecreation/Creative Arts TherapistBaiardo Beth D$57,957.00
2018Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationSocial Science Student TraineeBaig Amaar A$25,350.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsCustodial WorkingBailey Aaron E$37,106.86
2018Social Security AdministrationGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationBailey Aldorphus L$54,737.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsCustodial WorkingBailey Anthony C$34,352.02
2018Social Security AdministrationGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationBailey Bianca C$48,243.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsFood Service WorkingBailey Cheryl L$25,336.18
2018Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionContact RepresentativeBailey Christy$33,339.00
2018Department Of InteriorHydrologyBailey Clinton R$48,243.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationBailey Craig S$49,907.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBailey Christian A$66,051.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBailey Denise L$81,397.00
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