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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2018Department Of LaborParalegal SpecialistBaldwin Tyree Vivian K$52,629.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBalensiefen Julie M$83,218.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsDietitian And NutritionistBalinnang Rebecca H$53,062.00
2018Department Of TransportationAir Traffic ControlBalinski Richard$86,121.00
2018Department Of JusticeMaterials HandlerBall Candace L$62,338.69
2018Railroad Retirement BoardRailroad Retirement Claims ExaminingBall Della$76,320.00
2018Department Of JusticeContractingBall Eric J$51,167.00
2018Railroad Retirement BoardContractingBall Richard D$72,080.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPractical NurseBall Womack Janice$35,489.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBallais Fortunato I$93,247.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsSpeech Pathology And AudiologyBallantine Megan A$82,680.00
2018Department Of TransportationAir Traffic ControlBallard Joshua M$116,560.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationBallard Katherine R$63,676.00
2018Social Security AdministrationGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationBalkaran Shane$37,630.00
2018Department Of Homeland SecurityEmergency Management SpecialistBallard Mark Thorton$54,831.00
2018Department Of Homeland SecuritySecurity Clerical And AssistanceBallenger Alicia L$51,451.00
2018Social Security AdministrationMaintenance MechanicBallen Hudell David$67,222.27
2018Social Security AdministrationClaims Assistance And ExaminingBallenger John A$33,629.00
2018Department Of AgricultureGrants ManagementBallenger Taniqua N$69,960.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical Instrument TechnicianBallerine Donna M$57,015.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsManagement And Program AnalysisBallesteros Vanya K$65,720.00
2018Department Of AgricultureInformation Technology ManagementBallinger Leslie R$83,191.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyProgram ManagementBallotti Douglas E$136,659.00
2018Department Of LaborHuman Resources ManagementBallou James M$69,960.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsDiagnostic Radiologic TechnologistBallow Scott A$61,177.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationBalom Nikkisha L$48,243.00
2018Social Security AdministrationManagement And Program AnalysisBalsai Andrew M$98,317.00
2018Department Of TransportationHighway SafetyBalser John E$113,202.00
2018Department Of AgricultureAgricultural Commodity GradingBaltar Hernando I$41,031.00
2018Environmental Protection AgencyProgram ManagementBaltazar Deborah C$126,147.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical TechnologistBaltazar Jennifer J$57,015.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsManagement And Program AnalysisBaltierra Mattea$83,191.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsManagement And Program AnalysisBaltierra Richard C$80,560.00
2018Social Security AdministrationGeneral AttorneyBaltz Shefali Baxi$113,202.00
2018Department Of TransportationAir Traffic ControlBalunda Michael$120,319.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsDental AssistantBamaung Augusta J$38,714.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMedical Supply Aide And TechnicianBamaung Rosa C$38,714.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramBamba Tiffany C$58,369.00
2018Department Of TransportationSecretaryBamberger-Ley Joanne$49,273.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsInformation Technology ManagementBammann Eloise K$93,275.00
2018Department Of TransportationAir Traffic ControlBammesberger Brian P$120,319.00
2018Social Security AdministrationSocial Insurance AdministrationBanaitis Karen E$82,680.00
2018Department Of LaborIndustrial HygieneBanas David S$98,317.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsNurseBanas Izabela$81,397.00
2018Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionGeneral AttorneyBanaszak Elizabeth Belle$98,317.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesHealth Insurance AdministrationBandemer Beatriz$93,275.00
2018Department Of Health And Human ServicesMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramBandemer Peter R$98,317.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramBanderas Antonio$54,091.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPharmacy TechnicianBanderas Isaias$39,789.00
2018Department Of Veterans AffairsPharmacy TechnicianBanderas Jessica M$43,024.00
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