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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoPharmacy TechnicianAaron Sharon$54,920.00
2012Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationSchaumburgGeneral AttorneyAaronson Jeffrey B$149,642.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAbaravicius Alice A$105,663.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAbas Bern M$58,147.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAbas Elizabeth M$87,383.00
2012Department Of Health And Human ServicesChicagoConsumer SafetyAbbey Mensah Clotia C$90,482.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsDanvilleNurseAbbott Audrey D$71,555.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesInformation Technology ManagementAbbott Crystal L$92,653.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesManagement And Program AnalysisAbbott George B$104,607.00
2012Nat Archives And Records AdministrationValmeyerGeneral Arts And InformationAbbott Hayley J$24,933.00
2012Securities And Exchange CommissionChicagoLegal AssistanceAbbott Jeri A$51,338.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoSocial ScienceAbbott Marsha M$85,456.00
2012Department Of CommerceWheatonMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantAbbott Terri A$36,804.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesHealth Aid And TechnicianAbdellateef Jamal M$42,076.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoInformation Technology ManagementAbdellatif Mazen M$98,022.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesInformation Technology ManagementAbderhalden Norman S$92,653.00
2012Securities And Exchange CommissionChicagoAccountingAbdul-Jaleel Ahmed$114,304.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsMarionMedical OfficerAbedmahmoud Issa$214,764.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAbeleda Lourdes D$98,488.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesMedical OfficerAbella Clarence P$155,000.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsDanvilleMotor Vehicle OperatingAbernathy Rodney L$46,060.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesHealth Aid And TechnicianAbney Albert M$34,316.00
2012Nat Archives And Records AdministrationValmeyerArchives TechnicianAbney Kevin G$35,489.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesPractical NurseAbon Juliet D$54,014.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsDanvilleMedical OfficerAboulatta Hussein M$248,298.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsNorth ChicagoNurseAbraham Aleyamma K$98,488.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsNorth ChicagoNurseAbraham Annamma$94,046.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAbraham Jisha P$78,499.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoSocial WorkAbraham Maducolil M$90,482.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsNorth ChicagoMedical Instrument TechnicianAbraham Mobi$51,783.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoGeneral Legal And Kindred AdministrationAbraham Patricia$67,589.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesSocial WorkAbraham Sam$82,943.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesNurseAbraham Santhamma$98,488.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoPharmacistAbraham Sindhu A$129,010.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoDiagnostic Radiologic TechnologistAbraham Teena M$59,626.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoSocial Insurance AdministrationAbramovitz Ruth T$90,482.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoSocial ScienceAbrams Jason J$80,429.00
2012Environmental Protection AgencyChicagoMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantAbrams Justin S$47,076.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoAdministrative Law JudgeAbrams Marlene R$149,995.00
2012Department Of CommerceHumboldtMiscellaneous Clerk And AssistantAbrams Ralph$27,426.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoLegal Instruments ExaminingAbrams Rosalind C$53,728.00
2012Department Of LaborChicagoMiscellaneous Administration And ProgramAbraytis John R$92,996.00
2012Nat Archives And Records AdministrationChicagoArchives TechnicianAbrego Alejandra M$30,672.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsNorth ChicagoDental AssistantAbrego Alfredo G$39,527.00
2012Social Security AdministrationChicagoContact RepresentativeAbrego Cecilia$47,076.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsChicagoNurseAbrigo Susan B$85,162.00
2012Department Of Veterans AffairsHinesDistribution Facilities & Storage ManageAbrons Kenneth L$65,856.00
2012Department Of TransportationChicagoAir Traffic ControlAbsher James T$100,660.00
2012Department Of TransportationMattesonCivil EngineeringAbu-Hejleh Naser M$113,573.00
2012Department Of TreasuryDowners GroveFinancial Institution ExaminingAbuhl Kristen Marie$71,565.00
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