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2016Healthcare & Family ServicesHarris Carol J($63.86)
2017Comptroller2012 Harrisburg Investment Llc$0.00
2017Environmental Protect AgencyDawson Cory$0.00
2017Environmental Protect AgencyLafon Beatrice$0.00
2017Environmental Protect AgencyShibe Gary L$0.00
2017Financial And Professional RegKelber Harvey$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesDzib Luis F$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesElbert Keith$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesJones Precious$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesKara Nance Md Pc$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesMartinez Rosa Ma$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesThornton Addie L$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesWydzierzecki Mariusz P$0.00
2017Historic Preservation AgencyUnitrans International Corp$0.00
2017Il Math And Science AcademyGiles Lahannah$0.00
2017LaborBauman Donald$0.00
2017LaborChabura Stansilaw$0.00
2017LaborCook Jr Gary The Estate Of$0.00
2017LaborKaskadden Aaron$0.00
2015TransportationA B Dick Company$0.00
2015TransportationAbbott Kenneth$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesAcosta Mitchell$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesAcosta Mitchell$0.00
2017TransportationAcs Auxiliaries Group Inc$0.00
2015TransportationAdcock Christopher L$0.00
2017Financial And Professional RegAdministrators In Medicine Inc$0.00
2015Central ManagementAdt Security Services Inc$0.00
2015TransportationAdvanced Environmental$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesAdvanced Pain Consultant Sc$0.00
2017TransportationAirgas Mid America Inc$0.00
2015LaborAlday Lazaro$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesAllen Kuo Do Sc$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesAlliance Inpatient Medcn Inc$0.00
2017Human ServicesAlton Winlectric$0.00
2016Human ServicesAlverno-chicago Heights Corp$0.00
2017Secretary Of StateAmerican Bar Association$0.00
2015Children And Family ServicesAmerisochi Inc$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesAnesthesia Care Associates$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesAnesthesia Care Associates$0.00
2016Attorney GeneralAntolak Management Company Inc$0.00
2016LaborArey Drummond$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesArnold Amy L$0.00
2016LaborAshby Meranda$0.00
2016Il State Toll Highway AuthAssociation Of Fncl Crimes$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesAxiom Clinic Sc$0.00
2015LaborBaez Angel$0.00
2016LaborBenage Mike$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesBernabe Silvina$0.00
2015Supreme CourtBernard J Natale Ltd$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesBeste Brant$0.00
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