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Employer Name



2016LaborDan Melnik$0.00
2017TransportationDarryl A Dupre Inc$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesDavid H Marcowitz Do Sc$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesDavis Sharon$0.00
2015Juvenile JusticeDay-timers Inc$0.00
2015LaborDelgado Daniel$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesDennis Ladonna$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesDicker-thornton Donna L$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesDickeson Catina$0.00
2016LaborDonovan Degelau$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesDr Kania Family Care Sc$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesDukes Dwayne S$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesDunahee Amanda J$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesDupage Radiologists Sc$0.00
2015LaborDyer Raymond$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesE R Associates Llc$0.00
2017Human ServicesEli Research Inc$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesElite Chiropractic Ltd$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesElite Chiropractic Ltd$0.00
2016Legislative Ethics CommissionEms Enterprises Inc$0.00
2017TransportationErnst-layton Fire Control$0.00
2016LaborEstate Of Eric Anderson$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesExceptional Health Partners Sc$0.00
2017AgricultureFairgrounds Inc$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesFairview Hospital$0.00
2015Children And Family ServicesFalls Hotel Urbana Llc$0.00
2015Public HealthFastvue Inc$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesFeatherstone Clinic Sc$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesFeatherstone Clinic Sc$0.00
2017TransportationFlagsource Of Illinois$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesFoster Medical Center$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesFox Robin$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesFox Valley Childrens$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesFranklin Shamika$0.00
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesFredericks Joy$0.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesFreedom Medical Services Inc$0.00
2017Historic Preservation AgencyFunk John E$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesG C Guzman Md Sc$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesGama Llc$0.00
2015LaborGarcia Jose$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesGarretson Homa And Kim Md Sc$0.00
2017Historic Preservation AgencyGaylord Bros Inc$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesGeiman Theresa$0.00
2015LaborGomez Andres Vazquez$0.00
2015LaborGomez Juan Vazquez$0.00
2015LaborGomez Roberto Vazquez$0.00
2016General AssemblyGordon Careen M$0.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesGraham Beverly$0.00
2016Natural ResourcesGraham Keith$0.00
2015Capital Development BoardGraham Michale$0.00
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