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2014Rich Township High School Dist 227"i Care" Products And Services$1,390.00
2014Pleasant Hill Community Unit # 3& Lindsay$1,726.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child* John Destefano$3,739.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child* Laura L Mayer$11,580.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child** Eric M Baugh$912.00
2014Payson Cusd #1** Imprest Fund **$2,597.00
2014River Ridge Community Unit School District No. 210** Imprest Fund **$32,554.00
2014Spring Valley Community Consolidated** Imprest Fund **$14,176.00
2014Payson Cusd #1** Payroll **$2,056,739.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child*** Arthur Mohorn$2,008.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child*** Brenna Mckenzie$6,000.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child*** Deborah Tryon$16,800.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child*** Terry Love$1,165.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child*** Tomeka Gray$3,857.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child***adrian Strong$1,323.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child***akiva S Carson$1,638.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child***luis E Tafoya$867.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child***teresa Delay$4,020.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child***willard Ford$8,017.00
2014Waterloo Cusd 5**payroll**$9,559,649.00
2014Proviso Area For Excep Child*imprest Fund Dist 803$41,292.00
2014Evanston Township H.s. Dist # 202@comm$1,997.00
2014Glencoe School District #3501com Inc$5,830.00
2014Plainfield Ccsd #2021 Academic Tutoring$19,765.00
2014Elverado Community Unit School District #1961 Academic Tutoring Serv$5,668.00
2014Marengo Community High School District 1541 Academic Tutoring Serv$1,574.00
2014Community Consolidated School District 591 Academic Tutoring Service$25,203.00
2014Freeport School District No. 1451 Academic Tutoring Service$2,285.00
2014Joliet Public Schools Dist. #861 Academic Tutoring Service$20,069.00
2014Lincoln Elem School Dist #1561 Academic Tutoring Service$3,506.00
2014Moline-coal Valley School District 401 Academic Tutoring Service$4,838.00
2014Rich Township High School Dist 2271 Academic Tutoring Service$921.00
2014Rock Island-milan School District #411 Academic Tutoring Service$18,707.00
2014Skokie School District 691 Academic Tutoring Service$1,351.00
2014Springfield Public Schools1 Academic Tutoring Service$48,546.00
2014West Aurora School District 1291 Academic Tutoring Service$9,653.00
2014Carbondale Elem. School District #951 Academic Tutoring Services$2,837.00
2014North Greene Unit District #31 Act Inc$620.00
2014Prairie Central Cusd #81 Adcom Inc$21,431.00
2014North Greene Unit District #31 Airgas Usa Llc$2,007.00
2014Moline-coal Valley School District 401 Corp$10,762.00
2014Niles Twp High School District 2191 To 1 Online Tutoring Services$5,616.00
2014Batavia Public School District 1011 To 1 Tutor$723.00
2014Joliet Public Schools Dist. #861 To 1 Tutor$12,157.00
2014Community Unit School Distrct 3001 To 1 Tutor Llc$8,500.00
2014Country Club Hills School District #1601 To 1 Tutor Llc$1,026.00
2014North Chicago Cusd No. 1871 To 1 Tutor Llc$1,032.00
2014School District U-461 To 1 Tutor Llc$13,329.00
2014Township High School District 2111 To 1 Tutor Llc$1,884.00
2014Zion Elementary School District 61 To 1 Tutor Llc$3,845.00
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