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2015TreasurerTreasurer Office Of$3,579,913,056.97
2017Teachers' Retirement SystemTeachers Retirement System$3,444,456,251.66
2017TreasurerTreasurer Office Of$3,355,566,056.18
2015Teachers' Retirement SystemTeachers Retirement System$3,298,396,354.32
2016Teachers' Retirement SystemTeachers Retirement System$3,224,461,229.05
2016TreasurerTreasurer Office Of$3,072,067,161.87
2016City Of ChicagoCity Treasurer 06$2,493,459,491.54
2015City Of ChicagoCity Treasurer 06$2,440,465,518.27
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesCook County$2,320,406,284.93
2015State Board Of EducationChicago Board Of Education$2,278,324,189.71
2016State Board Of EducationChicago Board Of Education$2,113,530,964.45
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesCook County$2,053,331,577.22
2017State Board Of EducationChicago Board Of Education$2,023,127,301.39
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesCook County$1,973,833,713.82
2017TreasurerAmalgamated Bank Of Chicago$1,392,723,485.50
2015Il Municipal Retirement FundIllinois Municipal Ret System$1,197,860,743.09
2017RevenueRegional Transportation$1,190,329,488.94
2016RevenueRegional Transportation$1,177,971,176.68
2015RevenueRegional Transportation$1,143,511,285.21
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesAetna Better Health Inc$1,113,776,490.40
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesIllinicare Health Plan Inc$1,101,328,673.68
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesIllinicare Health Plan Inc$1,040,674,973.50
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesMeridian Health Plan Inc$1,008,914,506.07
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesAetna Better Health Inc$987,634,436.41
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesHealth Care Service Corp$981,480,527.54
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesMeridian Health Plan Inc$973,793,823.19
2016RevenueChicago City Treasurer$945,171,250.24
2015RevenueChicago City Treasurer$942,190,967.98
2017RevenueChicago City Treasurer$926,896,770.65
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesAetna Better Health Inc$925,179,742.77
2017RevenueCook County Treasurer$887,026,727.17
2017Governor's Off Of Mgt & BudgetUs Bank National Association$845,908,993.54
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesIllinicare Health Plan Inc$841,651,732.00
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesHealth Care Service Corp$819,878,836.36
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesFamily Health Network Inc$699,897,043.41
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesMeridian Health Plan Inc$621,794,476.69
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesDepartment Of Health And$591,417,009.60
2014City Of ChicagoThe Bank Of New York$579,510,423.54
2015TransportationRegional Transportation$560,557,666.08
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesFamily Health Network Inc$534,943,834.00
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesFamily Health Network Inc$534,776,432.54
2015City Of ChicagoBank Of New York Trust$521,177,818.77
2016RevenueCook County Treasurer$517,330,225.49
2017Healthcare & Family ServicesMolina Healthcare Of Illinois$511,627,230.24
2016TransportationRegional Transportation$489,754,702.61
2015Governor's Off Of Mgt & BudgetUs Bank National Association$485,931,827.16
2016City Of ChicagoJp Morgan Chase Bank National Assoc$473,485,165.75
2015Healthcare & Family ServicesDepartment Of Health And$466,794,470.97
2016Healthcare & Family ServicesMolina Healthcare Of Illinois$461,126,121.82
2016Governor's Off Of Mgt & BudgetUs Bank National Association$459,913,549.72
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