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2015Gifford Ccsd #188Haddock Corporation$65,729,141.00
2016Decatur Public School District No. 61Hickory Point Bank$51,602,070.00
2016Hinsdale Twp High School District 86Hinsdale Bank & Trust$40,193,651.00
2014Rockford Public Schools District 205Bcbsil$37,379,724.00
2016Community High School District 155Home State Bank$37,300,708.00
2014Community High School District #155Home State Bank$37,085,114.00
2016Township High School District 113Gilbane Building Company$37,061,691.00
2015Community High School District #155Home State Bank$35,039,289.00
2014Oswego Cusd #308Amalgamated Bank Of Chicago$34,109,825.00
2015Community Unit School District #308Amalgamated Bank Of Chicago$33,917,781.00
2016Community Unit School District #308Amalgamated Bank Of Chicago$33,566,881.00
2014Plainfield Ccsd #202Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical$32,324,217.00
2016Community High School District 218C H S D 218$31,890,997.00
2014Waterloo Cusd 5Isdlaf$30,671,602.00
2015Batavia Public School District 101Harris Na$29,979,966.00
2016Batavia Public School District 101Harris N.a.$29,787,392.00
2016Community Consolidated School District 93Bank One$29,240,555.00
2014Community High School District 218Chsd 218$28,867,851.00
2016Township High School District 211Health Care Service Corp$28,798,361.00
2015Township High School District 211Blue Cross/blue Shield$28,324,099.00
2014Township High School District 211Blue Cross/blue Shield$28,055,760.00
2014Indian Prairie School District #204Internal Revenue Service$27,859,462.00
2016Indian Prairie School District #204Internal Revenue Service$27,832,807.00
2015Community Consolidated School District 93Bank One$27,531,035.00
2016Township High School District 214Pepper Construction Co$26,964,398.00
2015Indian Prairie School District #204Internal Revenue Service$26,827,126.00
2016Township High School District 214Federal Income Tax Wire$26,549,669.00
2014Bremen High School District 228Direct Deposit (harris Bank)$26,539,277.00
2014Ccsd93Bank One$26,241,524.00
2015Township High School District 214Federal Income Tax Wire$26,008,391.00
2014Township High School District 214Federal Income Tax Wire$25,694,824.00
2016Hinsdale Ccsd 181Harris Bank$25,285,209.00
2016Downers Grove Grade School District #58Downers Grove Gs #58$24,712,501.00
2016Community Unit School District 300Blue Cross$22,849,975.00
2015Waterloo Cusd 5Isdlaf$22,676,087.00
2016Granite City Cusd No. 9The Bank Of Edwardsville -39750$22,655,602.00
2016Cicero Public Schools No. 99Internat'l Contractors Inc.$22,328,872.00
2014Springfield Public SchoolsBank Of Springfield$22,053,659.00
2016Rich Township High School District 227Harris Bank-direct Deposit$21,662,303.00
2014Homewood-flossmoor H S Dist 233Nicholas & Associates$21,260,906.00
2016Schaumburg Cc School District 54Internal Revenue Service$21,142,077.00
2015Erie Community Unit School DistrictFirst Trust & Savings Bank-investments$20,958,388.00
2014Granite City Cusd #9The Bank Of Edwardsville -39750$20,903,439.00
2016Erie Community Unit School District #1Farmer's National Bank Of Prophetstown$20,562,272.00
2015Community Unit School District 300Blue Cross$20,484,758.00
2016Township High School District 214Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Ill$20,423,326.00
2014Schaumburg Cc School District 54Internal Revenue Service$20,390,411.00
2016Community Unit School District #308Oswego Health Fund$20,081,455.00
2016Community Unit School District 300Internal Revenue Service$19,604,311.00
2016Kildeer-countryside Ccsd 96Kildeer Ccsd #96$19,491,570.00
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