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2014North Greene Unit District #312 Bureau Of Education$1,950.00
2014North Greene Unit District #312 Callie Sellars$751.00
2014Fremont School District No. 79121 Elevator Inc$7,524.00
2014Marengo Community High School District 154121 Elevator Incorporated$1,852.00
2014Belle Valley School District 1191220 Ncpers - Il Imrf$1,312.00
2014Belleville Public School District #1181221-ncpers- Il Imrf$1,656.00
2014Township High School District 113123 Dj$2,147.00
2014Township High School District 113123 Ez Tees Inc$4,156.00
2014Glencoe School District #35123decal$559.00
2014Lake Zurich Community School District 95124 30000$5,580.00
2014Rockridge Community School District Unit No. 300125 830$5,241.00
2014Cook County School District 1301250-ncpers-il Imrf$1,592.00
2014Bourbonnais Elementary School District No. 531257-ncpers-il Imrf$3,644.00
2014Shawnee Unit School District 84126 408$4,220.00
2014Marengo Community High School District 154127 90800$24,811.00
2014Cairo School District #11293-ncpers - Il Imrf$1,552.00
2014Central Cusd # 31298-ncpers - Il Imrf$760.00
2014Kildeer Countryside Ccsd 9612five Capital Llc$13,093.00
2014Manhattan 11412five Capital Llc$4,761.00
2014Butler Sd #5312m Communications Inc$1,550.00
2014Riverside Sd#9612m Communications Inc$1,300.00
2014North Greene Unit District #313 At&t Telephone$15,927.00
2014North Greene Unit District #313 Carol Robison$528.00
2014North Greene Unit District #313 Peggy Burton$2,209.00
2014Carlinville Comm. Unit School Dist. #11304-ncpers - Il Imrf$3,088.00
2014North Greene Unit District #314 Ballard Bros Inc$7,448.00
2014North Greene Unit District #314 Caitlin Lagemann$1,210.00
2014North Greene Unit District #314 Carson-dellosa Publish$962.00
2014Deer Creek-mackinaw Cusd #7011416-ncpers - Il Imrf$1,112.00
2014Community High School District 991439 - Ncpers - Il Imrf$2,621.00
2014North Greene Unit District #315 Bank Of America National$30,089.00
2014North Greene Unit District #315 Campbell & Kording Ltd$1,835.00
2014North Greene Unit District #315 Cathy Williams$870.00
2014Eureka Cusd #1401504 - Ncpers - Il Imrf$2,860.00
2014North Greene Unit District #316 Brennan Heating & Air Con$3,769.00
2014North Greene Unit District #316 Central Petroleum Co$919.00
2014North Greene Unit District #316 Central Restaurant Remit$1,044.00
2014High Mount School District #1161653-ncpers Il Imrf$944.00
2014Hillside Sd 931663-ncpers Group Life Ins$576.00
2014North Greene Unit District #317 Cass Communications Mgmt$11,600.00
2014North Greene Unit District #317 Cfb Inc$500.00
2014North Greene Unit District #317 Chelsea Hoots$1,316.00
2014Johnston City Cusd #11703 Ncpers Il Imrf$1,184.00
2014Joliet Township High School District 2041706 - Ncpers - Il Imrf$17,612.00
2014Oblong Comm Unit School District #4171 Fairpoint Communications$8,746.00
2014Three Rivers Efe #100176 West Banquet Facility$1,521.00
2014Southern Will Cty Coop For Spec. Ed.176 West Catering$1,672.00
2014Seneca Township High School District No. 16017th St Marion$580.00
2014Williamson County Special Education District17th Street Bbq$523.00
2014Herrin Community Unit School Dist #417th Street B-b-q$1,273.00
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