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IL - Checkbook Spending - City of Chicago

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2016City Of ChicagoBigane Paving Company/o Plote Construction Inc Jv$33,274,902.66
2015City Of ChicagoBoard Of Education 02$32,917,362.46
2014City Of ChicagoAor Transit$32,870,743.84
2014Dept Of AviationAor Transit$32,870,743.84
2015Department Of FinanceCity Treasurer/blue Advantage Hmo/$32,846,824.85
2015City Of ChicagoOgden Const & Reliable Asphalt$32,720,750.69
2014City Of ChicagoPublic Building Commission Chicago$32,683,639.72
2014Ohare Modernization ProjectTurner-acura-lindahl Tri Venture$31,886,034.58
2016City Of ChicagoReliable Contracting & Equip$31,794,161.00
2014Dept Of Community DevelopmentChicago Park District$31,582,035.27
2015City Of ChicagoProfessional Meters Inc$31,365,664.36
2015City Of ChicagoAllied Waste Transportation Inc$30,945,459.51
2014City Of ChicagoConstellation Energy Services Inc-natural Gas Llc$30,182,956.53
2015City Of ChicagoPublic Building Commission Chicago$30,134,207.21
2015Dept Of AviationK-five Construction Corporationoversize)$30,058,929.79
2016City Of ChicagoUs Bank01 Nationalassociation$29,569,757.82
2015Dept Of AviationAor Transit$29,135,915.03
2016Department Of Water ManagementCenter Joint Venture$29,123,244.17
2015Dept Of Community DevelopmentBoard Of Educ City Of Chicago$29,088,393.00
2014City Of ChicagoReliable Contracting & Equip$28,166,850.21
2014Ohare Modernization ProjectWalsh Construction Company Ii Llc$27,833,730.08
2015Dept Of Fleet MgmtWorld Fuel Services Inc$27,769,355.01
2016City Of ChicagoChicago Low-income Housing Trust Fund$27,532,529.47
2014Dept Of AviationStandard Parking Corporation 01$27,382,934.12
2015City Of ChicagoDepartment Of Finance$27,188,991.16
2015City Of ChicagoChicago Firemans Assn Credit$26,430,549.66
2014Dept Of AviationK-five Construction Corporationoversize)$26,252,737.87
2014City Of ChicagoLoevy & Loevy$25,864,732.20
2015City Of ChicagoBank Of America Nt & Sa$25,826,065.07
2016City Of ChicagoDepartment Of Finance$25,823,855.56
2016Chicago Department Of TransportationOgden Avenue Materials & Reliable Asphalt Joint Venture$25,749,179.43
2015City Of ChicagoGoldman Sachs & Co Llc$25,694,284.90
2015Ohare Modernization ProjectWalsh Construction Company Ii Llc$25,598,934.69
2014City Of ChicagoBank Of America$25,435,112.73
2014Department Of Water ManagementCenter Joint Venture$25,349,973.58
2014City Of ChicagoChicago Parking Meters Llc$25,161,983.49
2016City Of ChicagoGenuine Parts Company$25,109,407.75
2015City Of ChicagoWalsh Construction Company Ii Llc$24,984,188.72
2016Dept Of Family And Support ServicesBoard Of Educ City Of Chicago$24,774,075.70
2014City Of ChicagoGenuine Parts Company$24,658,869.70
2015Chicago Department Of TransportationSumit Construction Co Inc$24,499,146.91
2015Department Of Water ManagementProfessional Meters Inc$24,479,655.01
2016City Of ChicagoChicago Firemans Assn Credit$24,442,244.00
2015Dept Of AviationStandard Parking Corporation 01$24,245,013.49
2015City Of ChicagoCity Treasurer/blue Advantage Hmo/$24,165,604.50
2015Chicago Department Of TransportationCapitol Cement Co Inc 01$23,633,526.91
2016City Of ChicagoBenchmark Construction Co Inc$23,541,879.78
2015City Of ChicagoBmo Harris Bank Na$23,473,482.08
2015City Of ChicagoUnisys Corporation$23,453,408.35
2015City Of ChicagoBenchmark Construction Co Inc$23,377,763.77
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