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IL - Checkbook Spending - City of Chicago

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2014City Of Chicago5-alarm Fire And Safety$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoA & O Recovery Solutions Llc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoAccess Living Of Metropolitan Chicago$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoAdapco$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoAmerican Ideal Cleaning Co$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoArlington Glass & Mirror$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoArthur D Griffin Community Learning Center Limited$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoAustin Child Care Providers Network$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBaxter & Woodman Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBlinderman Construction Company Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBlock Club Federation$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBlue Cross & Blue Shield$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBrian Allendorfer$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBrian Porter$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoBronze Memorial Co$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoCaaaelii$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoCarnow Conibear & Assoc Ltd$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoCenter For Housing And Health$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChapin Hall Center For Children$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChicago Arts Partnerships In Education$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChicago Commons Association$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChicago Event Graphics Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChicago Women In Trades$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChildren's Home & Aid Society Of Illinois$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChristopher B Burke Engr Ltd$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoChristopher House$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoCity Lights Ltd$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoCommon Pantry$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoContinental Studios$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoD & K Real Estate Service Corp$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoDeloitte Consulting Llp$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoDeloitte Financial Advisory$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoDivine Purpose Youth Performing Arts Center$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoDivision Street Bus Dev Assc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoDomestic Violence Legal Clinic$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoDouglas Park Youth Services$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoEl Valor Corporation$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoElijah's House$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoErie Neighborhood House$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoEsi Consultants Ltd$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoEsperanza Health Center$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoFellowship Connection Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoFellowship Fleet$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoFriedler Construction Co$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoGarfield Park Community Council$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoGary Comer Youth Center Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoGenuine Parts Company Dba Napa$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoGood News Partners$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoGovdeals Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoGreater Southwest Dev Corp$0.00
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