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IL - Checkbook Spending - City of Chicago

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Employer Name



2014City Of ChicagoHeartland International Health Center$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoIndependent Living Solutions$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoInitiative For A Competitive Inner City Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoInner-city Muslim Action$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoIt Takes A Village Child Care Services Incorporated$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoJewel N Klein$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoJhp Community Center Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoJudah International Outreach Ministries Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoKathryn Zeledon Nelson$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLa Villita Christian Dev Corp$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLakeside Community De Corp$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLawndale Business Renaissance Association$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLeave No Veteran Behind Incorporated$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLena Washington Food & Shelter$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLincoln Pk Chamber Of Commerce$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoLocumtenenscom$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMcfarlane Douglas & Company$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMcklein Company Llc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMercy Foundation Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMidway Airlines' Terminal$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMidwest Moving & Storage Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMt Greenwood Local Dev Corp$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMuntu Dance Theatre$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoMusic & Dance Theater Chicago Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoNeenah Foundry$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoNew Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church Dba New Pisgah Day Care$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoNext Street Financial Llc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoOld Town Merchants & Residents$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoOlive Branch Mission$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPacific Cable Joint Venture$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPhalanx Family Services$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPhilippine American Chamber Of Commerce Of Greater Chicago$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPilsen Little Village$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPlote Construction Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPreservation Of Affordable Housing Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoPuerto Rican Arts Alliance$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoRausch Construction Co Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoRebuilding Exchange$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSan Jose Obrero Mission$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSievert Electric Service And Sales Co$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSingle Room Housing Assistance Corporation$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSonrisa Dental Pc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSpark Program Inc$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSquad Regardless$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSt Pius V Parish/casa Juan$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoStandard Carbon Llc D/b/a/ Standard Purification$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoStandard Parking Midway Jv$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoSwish Dreams Sports & Educational Foundation$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoTampa Bay Recreation$0.00
2014City Of ChicagoTaproots$0.00
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