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IL - Checkbook Spending - City of Chicago

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2015City Of ChicagoRobert & Claudette Link$7.64
2016City Of ChicagoSierra Auto Group Inc$7.64
2015City Of ChicagoAna Perez$7.70
2015City Of ChicagoSymbria Rx Services$7.79
2015City Of ChicagoStill Erik$7.86
2015City Of ChicagoDempsey Glenn R$7.96
2016City Of ChicagoCastro Lourdes$8.00
2015City Of ChicagoDemetria R Connor$8.00
2016City Of ChicagoDemetria R Connor$8.00
2015City Of ChicagoHoneywood Frankie$8.00
2016City Of ChicagoKaren E Pride$8.00
2016City Of ChicagoKurtis Sandra$8.00
2016City Of ChicagoNeveria Auros Inc$8.00
2016City Of ChicagoPride Karen E$8.00
2015City Of ChicagoSandra Presswood$8.00
2016City Of ChicagoReynoso Martha E$8.25
2015City Of ChicagoVenus Rodriguez$8.31
2014City Of ChicagoIris Archilla$8.32
2016City Of ChicagoBull Daniel O$8.39
2015City Of ChicagoHanger Orthopedic Group - Hanger Prosthetics And Orthotics$8.54
2015City Of ChicagoJlynn Wallace$8.63
2015City Of ChicagoJohn Mikos$8.75
2015City Of ChicagoReynolds Modena$8.79
2015City Of ChicagoCardiac Consulting Group Sc$8.99
2015City Of ChicagoAdeline Rubin$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoBridgette Godwin$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoCarol E Tubridy-by$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoCollins William J$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoDarryl A Davis I$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoDeborah R Stanisz$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoEllen J Elias$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoFloyd Jordan$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoGloria H Zepka$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoGrace E Becvar$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoHelen Karlblom$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoHelen Kirk$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoHoward H Mcmillan$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoIrene Rogers$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoJacqueline A Mack$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoJean Mc Carthy$9.00
2014City Of ChicagoJelena Rogic$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoJohn D Mc Namara$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoKaren V Nelson$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoLinda J Netecke$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoMarie A Nee$9.00
2014City Of ChicagoNancy A Naleway$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoPamela C Vlcek$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoPatricia M Kos$9.00
2014City Of ChicagoPatricia M Kovats$9.00
2015City Of ChicagoPatrick M Clark$9.00
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