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IL - Checkbook Spending - City of Chicago

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2014Chicago Department Of Transportation"d" Construction Inc$90,424.69
2014City Of Chicago(aiga) The American Institute$675.00
2014City Of Chicago008 Dist Steering Committee$1,122.09
2014City Of Chicago108 North State Street (chicago) Owner Llc$2,500.00
2014City Of Chicago1140 North Branch Development Llc$68,879.52
2014City Of Chicago1325 S State Street Llc$37,200.00
2014City Of Chicago15th District Special Events$3,637.05
2014City Of Chicago16th District Fund$1,270.00
2014Dept Of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection18th Street Development Corp$60,376.26
2014Dept Of Community Development18th Street Development Corp$58,506.59
2014City Of Chicago1st & Fresh Catering$17,910.01
2014City Of Chicago203 N Lasalle Self Park$2,700.00
2014City Of Chicago23rd Dist Steering Committee$1,503.61
2014City Of Chicago2456 Llc$7,981.00
2014City Of Chicago25th District Chicago Youth Explores$4,051.79
2014City Of Chicago2g Strategies$456.28
2014City Of Chicago30 North Lasalle Lp$4,715,048.38
2014City Of Chicago30 North Lasalle Partners Llc$3,491,997.64
2014City Of Chicago33 North Lasalle Partners Lp$14,352.43
2014City Of Chicago3350 - 3 Llc$11,567.00
2014City Of Chicago3435 W Berteau Condo Association$174.00
2014City Of Chicago360 Destination Group$1,000.00
2014City Of Chicago3m$15,021.65
2014City Of Chicago3m Company$7,475.70
2014City Of Chicago4024 N Ashland Llc$1,378.00
2014City Of Chicago411 Data Center$649.95
2014City Of Chicago4150 Partnership$282,000.00
2014City Of Chicago4554 Broadway Llc$22,000.00
2014City Of Chicago4800 N Damen Llc$229,157.86
2014City Of Chicago4discovery$1,500.00
2014City Of Chicago4th District Retirement Fund$2,012.41
2014City Of Chicago51st Street Business Associati$33,460.36
2014City Of Chicago5300 S Drexel Llc$3,920.80
2014City Of Chicago536 Kirkwood Llc$18,463.91
2014Planning & Development550 Adams Llc$1,087,314.64
2014City Of Chicago5-alarm Fire & Safety$16,328.74
2014Fire Department5-alarm Fire & Safety$16,328.74
2014City Of Chicago5-alarm Fire And Safety$0.00
2014City Of Chicago6301 N Western Llc$35,789.08
2014City Of Chicago6801 Building Llc$10,182.00
2014City Of Chicago69 W Washington Management Co Llc$13,282.37
2014City Of Chicago69 W Washington Mgt Co Llc$355,311.28
2014City Of Chicago826chi Inc Nfp$16,614.20
2014Department Of Cultural Affairs826chi Inc Nfp$7,500.00
2014City Of Chicago8700 Building Llc$54,600.00
2014Planning & Development950 W Monroe Street Dev Llc$362,247.22
2014Dept Of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection95th St Business Assoc$13,612.36
2014City Of Chicago95th St/beverly Hills Busi Asn$11,700.52
2014Dept Of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection95th St/beverly Hills Busi Asn$5,269.43
2014Department Of BuildingsA & D Property Services Inc$2,311,574.06
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