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IL - Checkbook Spending - City of Chicago

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2014Chicago Department Of Transportation"d" Construction Inc$90,424.69
2015Chicago Department Of Transportation"d" Construction Inc$1,039,063.52
2015City Of Chicago"d" Construction Inc$1,039,063.52
2016Chicago Department Of Transportation"d" Construction Inc$143,170.88
2015City Of Chicago#1 Granite & Marble$100.00
2014City Of Chicago(aiga) The American Institute$675.00
2015City Of Chicago(uli) Urban Land Institute$825.00
2016City Of Chicago(uli) Urban Land Institute$220.00
2014City Of Chicago008 Dist Steering Committee$1,122.09
2016City Of Chicago008 Dist Steering Committee$1,396.58
2015City Of Chicago1 East Scott Condo Assoc$300.00
2015City Of Chicago10 East Delaware Condo Assoc$3,187.66
2015City Of Chicago100 Bellevue Condo Assoc$300.00
2015City Of Chicago100 Club Of Chicago$19,291.33
2016City Of Chicago100 Club Of Chicago$18,105.50
2015City Of Chicago100 E Walton Condo Assoc$14,480.47
2016City Of Chicago100 E Walton Condo Assoc$12,375.00
2015City Of Chicago1000 Condo Assoc Ste 54 A$300.00
2016City Of Chicago1000 W Adams Condominium$11,250.00
2015City Of Chicago1000 W Washington Lofts$13,500.00
2016City Of Chicago101 Mobility$2,400.00
2015City Of Chicago1041-47 Belden Condominium$900.00
2015City Of Chicago1050 W Columbia Condo Assoc$2,250.00
2015City Of Chicago1054 W Lawrence Condo Assoc$675.00
2014City Of Chicago108 North State Street (chicago) Owner Llc$2,500.00
2015City Of Chicago108 North State Street (chicago) Owner Llc$6,000.00
2015City Of Chicago10th District Explorer Pt 9910$1,387.47
2016City Of Chicago10th District Explorer Pt 9910$3,899.95
2015City Of Chicago10th District Fund$1,280.08
2016City Of Chicago10th District Fund$2,784.60
2016City Of Chicago11 Ngreen Condoassoc$900.00
2015City Of Chicago110 Edelaware Place Condo$5,100.00
2015City Of Chicago110 Joints In Motion Medical Llc$2,648.54
2016City Of Chicago110 Joints In Motion Medical Llc$1,880.12
2016City Of Chicago110 W Superior Condos$4,275.00
2015City Of Chicago1100 East 47th Street Llc$102,650.00
2016City Of Chicago1100 N Lake Shore Drive Condo$5,700.00
2016City Of Chicago1100 W Leland Condominium Assn$2,100.00
2016City Of Chicago1100 W Montana Condominium$3,300.00
2016City Of Chicago1101 West Fulton Owner Llc$32,737.14
2016City Of Chicago1104 W Webster Condo Assoc$450.00
2015City Of Chicago111 Echestnut Condo Ass'n$11,221.86
2015City Of Chicago1111 W Madison St Condo Assn$1,725.00
2016City Of Chicago1111 W Madison St Condo Assn$1,725.00
2015City Of Chicago1113-1117 W Fry Condo Assoc$900.00
2016City Of Chicago1122 N Dearborn Condo Assoc$7,313.09
2015City Of Chicago1130 S Michigan/partnership$550.00
2015City Of Chicago1133 Cornelia Lofts Condoassn$675.00
2016City Of Chicago1138 W Catalpa Condo Assn$1,050.00
2014City Of Chicago1140 North Branch Development Llc$68,879.52
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