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IL - Checkbook Spending - State Colleges & Universities

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2010Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeMidamerican Energy Company$8,842,358.74
2011University Of IllinoisCdw Government Inc$8,798,900.68
2010Illinois Valley Community CollegeCengage Learning$8,763,109.15
2011Kishwaukee CollegeKishwaukee College$8,707,380.39
2005Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeC Food Service Contractor Control Account$8,657,169.37
2009Western Illinois UniversityJp Morgan Chase$8,655,681.31
2007Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeC Printing/Duplicating Service$8,600,832.00
2008Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeKrueger International Incorporated$8,504,716.35
2004Illinois Valley Community CollegeMc Graw Hill$8,492,517.44
2008Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeSbc Datacomm Incorporated$8,431,389.90
2006College Of DupageAbbey Paving Co. Inc.$8,342,808.11
2004Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeEbsco Industries Incorporated$8,329,010.59
2010University Of IllinoisFisher Scientific Company Llc$8,328,931.78
2008Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeKnight Hawk Coal Llc$8,313,417.37
2007Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeCompass Group Usa Incorporated$8,257,696.15
2011Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeFisher Scientific Company Llc$8,252,965.74
2011College Of DupageSurs-State Univ Retirement System Of Il$8,240,920.19
2011University Of IllinoisSodexo Incorporated/Sodexo America Llc$8,228,893.01
2009Harper CollegeRoscor Corp$8,198,588.82
2010College Of DupageDept Of Treasury$8,187,320.86
2007Illinois Valley Community CollegeMatco Tools$8,128,216.03
2004Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeKrueger International Incorporated$8,124,925.37
2010Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeEbsco Industries Incorporated$8,123,572.96
2007Kankakee Community CollegeMainsource Bank Of Il$8,123,355.00
2011College Of DupageBcbs Healthcare Service Corp$8,103,707.22
2005Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeC Travel Service$8,086,016.74
2010University Of IllinoisSodexo Incorporated/Sodexo America Llc$7,897,977.77
2006Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeCentral Illinois Public Service Company$7,891,498.94
2006Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeC Printing/Duplicating Service$7,806,798.07
2010Western Illinois UniversityJp Morgan Chase$7,629,221.44
2008Northern Illinois UniversityConstellation Newenergy$7,591,869.16
2010University Of IllinoisChampaign-Urbana Mass Transit District$7,581,112.81
2011University Of IllinoisEbsco Industries Inc$7,574,638.22
2005Illinois Valley Community CollegeGraybar Electric$7,494,338.10
2011University Of IllinoisGeneral Electric Co$7,487,986.44
2011University Of IllinoisGrunloh Construction Inc$7,445,989.17
2009Lewis And Clark Community CollegeRiver City Construction Llc$7,427,545.77
2009Northern Illinois UniversityHealth Insurance Reserve Fund$7,397,766.78
2006Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeCompass Group Usa Incorporated$7,339,216.77
2004Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeSun Microsystems Incorporated$7,328,696.22
2008Kankakee Community CollegeKankakee Community College$7,328,313.02
2008Northern Illinois UniversityHealth Insurance Reserve Fund$7,268,067.62
2008Kankakee Community CollegeCentrue Bank$7,259,388.33
2010Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeC Touch Of Nature Cost Allocations$7,217,351.52
2010University Of IllinoisA & R Mechanical Contractors Inc$7,216,695.29
2007Kishwaukee College0002123 First National Bank & Trust Co$7,213,630.00
2005Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeAmerisource Corporation$7,193,073.85
2011Western Illinois UniversityU S Treasury .18 907180396 Z Cowan$7,180,396.00
2005Southern Illinois University CarbondaleeC Information Technology-Service Operations$7,148,302.85
2005Western Illinois UniversityJp Morgan Chase$7,138,476.35
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