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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - All Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2012Federal EmployeesAmbuehl Diane M$132,797.00
2012Federal EmployeesGrogan Gwen Renee$207,969.00
2012Federal EmployeesKornstein Randi Rabin$137,000.00
2012Federal EmployeesLyles Toni Yvonne$124,117.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoBuefort Michelle M$76,152.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoGilchrist Nancy L$74,365.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoGiunipero Michael F$80,733.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoJamerson Dorothy L$79,143.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoJoseph Mathew M$87,145.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoKrecek Shelley A$78,139.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoLuttringer Nathan G$68,994.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoMitchell Jane A$61,420.00
2017Postal EmployeesAasc ChicagoWalden Brenda D$109,003.00
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonCale Sherry B$17.40
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonCordle Tammy L$17.40
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonDavis Frank I$38,459.00
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonGrohmann Tina M$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonHendricks Ellyn M$17.40
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonHitchcock Rhonda L$69,598.00
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonHornbaker Dennis E$26.06
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonJern Arthur E$20.73
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonJern Christopher C$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonMason Lana M$21.86
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonWatson David R$21.87
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonWelch Douglas R$58,667.00
2017Postal EmployeesAbingdonWhite David L$25.90
2017Postal EmployeesAdairOgle Sheila K$16.42
2017Postal EmployeesAddievilleBuss Victoria A$18.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddievilleFinke Crystal M$16.42
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonAdams Sade L$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonAlvarez Rafael$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonBadrina Jr Roque J$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonBaker Keyna$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonBaldeo Rachel U$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonCarson Robert R$46,690.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonColeman Donald B$61,097.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonDalal Rekha A$59,791.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonDeshazier Trent R$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonDiaz Maria$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonDubsky Elisabeth M$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonEugling Thomas E$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonFarrell Barbara R$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonFrye Lateef S$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonGalloway Laquia R$36,814.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonGrandys Danny J$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonGreig David A$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonGuthrie Troy D$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonHackett David B$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonHone Terry D$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesAddisonHunter Danielle N$36,814.00
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