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IL - Federal Employee Salaries - All Federal Employees

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Annual Wages

2017Postal EmployeesSandwichAakeberg Anne M$17.40
2017Postal EmployeesVilla ParkAalbue Anne N$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesSkokieAbad Arnold P$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-edgebrook Carrier AAbano Anthony R$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesWaucondaAaron Sharon M$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesPeo-no University StaAbbadusky Timothy B$44,295.00
2017Postal EmployeesVilla ParkAbbott Cynthia A$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-loop StaAbbott Darnice A$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesDoltonAbbott Jerome L$20.73
2017Postal EmployeesBarringtonAbbott Lanise$17.40
2017Postal EmployeesElmhurstAbbott Michael D$62,657.00
2017Postal EmployeesVirginiaAbbott Richard D$27.00
2017Postal EmployeesSpringfield Il P&dcAbbott Richard E$57,251.00
2017Postal EmployeesMinookaAbbott Sandra M$76,423.00
2017Postal EmployeesStocktonAbbott Sara E$29.28
2017Postal EmployeesArl-elk Grove Vill BrAbderrazzaq Abdul$16.42
2017Postal EmployeesSouth Suburban Il P&dcAbderrazzaq Usamah$58,331.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-charles Hayes StaAbdul Maboud Mohamad R$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesSkokieAbdul Rahaman Edward$61,492.00
2017Postal EmployeesChicago HeightsAbdullah Akeem$57,480.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-wicker Park StaAbdullah Cathy C$62,354.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-mt Greenwood StaAbdullah Hakim K$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesChi-northtown StaAbdullah Lakenya$16.06
2017Postal EmployeesSouth Suburban Il P&dcAbdur Rahman Jameela A$57,251.00
2017Postal EmployeesChampaign Il P&dcAbebe Azeb$16.42
2017Postal EmployeesSouth Suburban Il P&dcAbeja James$57,251.00
2017Postal EmployeesManager Intl Service CeAbel John R$58,331.00
2017Postal EmployeesCarbondaleAbel Michael S$56,684.00
2017Postal EmployeesCoal CityAbel-brehl Corinna A$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesCarbondaleAbell Ashly A$17.58
2017Postal EmployeesCarmiAbell Terra J$20.26
2017Postal EmployeesBusse Il P&dcAbella Abel$12.00
2017Postal EmployeesRomeoville PoAbella Cecil P$31.77
2017Postal EmployeesBolingbrook PoAbendroth Shannon A$27.01
2017Postal EmployeesCarol Stream Il P&dcAbellera Nida A$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesSandwichAbens Joseph H$44,295.00
2017Postal EmployeesGeneseoAber Ashley M$16.42
2017Postal EmployeesGranvilleAber Lisa M$70,255.00
2017Postal EmployeesManager Intl Service CeAbercrombie Joseph D$59,791.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-roseland StaAbercrumbie Dianah L$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesChicago Il P&dcAbercrumbie Jr Lon$70,162.00
2017Postal EmployeesDixonAberle William S$42,615.00
2017Postal EmployeesPeo-bartonville BrAbernathy Devan W$40,514.00
2017Postal EmployeesParisAbernathy Jennifer L$58,564.00
2017Postal EmployeesSouth Suburban Il P&dcAbernathy Kandace A$32,880.00
2017Postal EmployeesBat-hanover Park CarrieAbernathy Margaret M$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesChi-henry W Mcgee StaAbernathy Michelle$61,097.00
2017Postal EmployeesGenoaAbitua Araceli$21.54
2017Postal EmployeesAltonAble Tandy W$59,859.00
2017Postal EmployeesSo Suburban FacilityAbner Suzanne L$59,791.00
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