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Monthly Annuity Amount

2012Abingdon Cusd 217Onion Melba J$3,286.48
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Pearson Patricia A$3,710.39
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Pearson Patricia A$4,512.47
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Pearson Patricia A$4,381.04
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Pendarvis Lucille H$2,463.52
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Pendarvis Lucille H$2,537.43
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Pica Joyce L$4,467.03
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Pica Joyce L$4,336.92
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Pica Joyce L$4,210.60
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Ruhl G Douglas$3,418.38
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Ruhl G Douglas$3,626.56
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Ruhl G Douglas$3,520.93
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Ruhl Mary J$3,080.98
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Ruhl Mary J$2,991.24
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Ruhl Mary J$3,173.41
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Sandborg Paul R$4,920.96
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Sandborg Paul R$4,777.63
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Sandborg Paul R$5,068.59
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Sanford Teresa A$4,411.03
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Sanford Teresa A$4,282.55
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Sanford Teresa A$4,543.36
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Scanlon Mary E$3,044.60
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Scanlon Mary E$2,955.92
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Scanlon Mary E$3,135.94
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Schisler Darlene M$2,750.09
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Schisler Darlene M$2,669.99
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Schisler Darlene M$2,832.59
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Smith Donald R$5,355.86
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Smith Donald R$5,199.86
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Smith Donald R$5,516.54
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Stebbins Carl R$4,968.47
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Stebbins Carl R$4,823.76
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Stebbins Carl R$5,117.52
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Stuart Margaret H$1,565.62
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Stuart Margaret H$1,520.02
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Stuart Margaret H$1,475.75
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Thompson Diane P$4,565.18
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Thompson Diane P$4,432.21
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Thompson Diane P$4,702.14
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Tyrrell Jeffrey D$3,548.49
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Underwood Diana K$2,342.01
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Underwood Diana K$2,342.01
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Underwood Diana K$2,342.01
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Waldeck Marsha R$3,895.48
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Waldeck Marsha R$3,895.48
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Waldeck Marsha R$4,197.46
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Werder Betty$3,911.95
2012Abingdon Cusd 217Werder Betty$4,029.31
2014Abingdon Cusd 217Werder Betty$4,150.19
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Werder Dennis J$3,952.31
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