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Monthly Annuity Amount

2011A C Central Cusd 262Barnett Paula$3,266.01
2011A C Central Cusd 262Berry Madonna M$2,464.25
2011A C Central Cusd 262Brooks Helen J$3,162.38
2011A C Central Cusd 262Dillow Bobby$4,631.48
2011A C Central Cusd 262Gregory Donald K$3,391.17
2011A C Central Cusd 262Gurnsey Patricia A$3,702.09
2011A C Central Cusd 262Heller James W$1,556.12
2011A C Central Cusd 262Donnan Michael W$4,958.57
2011A C Central Cusd 262Hermetet Mary E$3,694.39
2011A C Central Cusd 262Hoffman Betty L$2,929.46
2011A C Central Cusd 262Holtzclaw Theresa K$3,002.44
2011A C Central Cusd 262Johnson Patricia L$1,946.74
2011A C Central Cusd 262Jurgens Janet$2,973.87
2011A C Central Cusd 262Krohe Sharon K$3,786.72
2011A C Central Cusd 262Madden Rodney H$4,120.35
2011A C Central Cusd 262Mcdonald Jeanne C$3,399.58
2011A C Central Cusd 262Mibb Naomi W$3,177.90
2011A C Central Cusd 262Parsons Donald$3,758.68
2011A C Central Cusd 262Rhoads Gloria J$1,891.76
2011A C Central Cusd 262Rogers Sharon A$2,963.71
2011A C Central Cusd 262Shaner Nanette$3,561.18
2011A C Central Cusd 262Showalter Harold D$4,702.69
2011A C Central Cusd 262Taylor Lieura S$3,149.68
2011A C Central Cusd 262Teneyck Paul R$3,263.49
2011A C Central Cusd 262Teneyck Cheryl A$3,601.52
2011A C Central Cusd 262Teronde Joyce A$3,409.66
2011A L Bowen Childrens CenterField Monty R$473.95
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Archer Jeanne A$4,187.28
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Archer Raymond R$4,708.32
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Atkins Margaret$2,530.27
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Bahr Robert R$4,475.95
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Boyd Miriam J$4,075.21
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Brutcher Richard L$3,053.87
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Boyd Max L$3,441.12
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Carlton Gary R$2,586.79
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Clayton Patricia E$3,838.31
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Cramer Sally A$4,177.64
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Cuba Paul H$2,577.39
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Cuba Velma R$1,373.27
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Dechow Susan E$3,334.49
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Delahunt Charles R$2,043.84
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Edmiston Catherine J$3,230.98
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Flinner George$3,426.02
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Glasnovich Phillip T$3,772.19
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Goff Diana L$4,438.67
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Green Patricia W$3,377.82
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Hayes Mary B$1,826.34
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Holmes Deborah I$3,847.38
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Howard Elizabeth$1,765.01
2011Abingdon Cusd 217Johnson Linda C$4,146.09
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