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2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageDETROITComerica Bank$50,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageDETROITComerica Bank$10,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageFRANKFORTGraceland Fruit Inc.$6,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageWINNMorbark Llc$4,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageREMUSBandit Industries Inc.$3,500,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageDETROITComerica Bank$2,700,000.00
201550458-124606 2.10 mi of Concrete Pavement Joint and Crack Repair Drainage Structure Adjustment Concrete Curb and Gutter and Pavement Markings oSOUTHFIELDCipparrone Contracting Inc.$2,334,579.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageTRAVERSE CITYCherry Central Cooperative Inc.$2,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageLIVONIAWashers Incorporated$2,000,000.00
2016VA251-15-D-0129 Replace Roof Blgd 1 for NIHCS VA Medical Center Fort Wayne IN.LIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.$1,703,164.00
2016Automated Parking SystemROCHESTERWorldwide Robotic Automated Parking LLC$1,643,956.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageMUSKEGONAmeriform Acquisition Company Llc$1,500,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageCHARLEVOIXDcl Inc.$1,500,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageDETROITGlobal Titanium Inc.$1,500,000.00
2015KVCC Culinary & Allied Hlth BldgBP 9.2BATTLE CREEKCook-Jackson Company$1,498,438.00
2015Road ReconstructionFLINTJack Fick Excavating Inc.$1,399,746.00
2015Residential demolition of 98 housesTROYEsso Wrecking Co.$1,290,705.00
2017Mechanical Deficiencies and Improvements - Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center in Saginaw MILIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.$1,001,008.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageWALLED LAKEAmerican Plastic Toys Inc.$1,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageWYANDOTTEMercury Manufacturing Company$1,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageSALINESensors Inc$1,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageSAINT JOHNSVeneer Specialties Inc.$1,000,000.00
2016Wabash #25 Coating Line UpgradeOXFORDPoseidon LLC$979,250.00
2016Ravine 8 Eco System RestorationDETROITEnvironmental Compliance Office Inc.$973,908.00
2016VA250-15-C-0095 SPD Addition to Building 31 -- Project 538-111LIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.$927,883.00
2016Demolish Heritage LaunchINKSTERAdvanced Integrated Solutions LLC$920,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageWARRENMst Steel Corporation$900,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageHOWELLRex Materials Inc.$850,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageWYOMINGViking Spas Inc.$850,000.00
2016Parking Lot ExpansionLANSINGBrent Sabin Builders Inc.$828,500.00
2015Grandville High SchoolGRANDVILLEStore Fronts Inc.$818,351.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageBRUCE TWPCustom Biogenic Systems Inc.$800,000.00
2015VA251-15-J-2320 PO No. 515C50162 Renovate Pharmacy Bldg 4 at the Department of Veterans Affairs VA Medical Center Battle Creek MILIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.$797,868.00
2015VA250-15-C-0084 PO No. 552-C58009 Upgrade Electrical Branch Circuit Risers (Bldg. 310)LIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.$786,175.00
2016Turf EstablishmentHANOVERNatural Environmental Reclamation Concepts I$761,077.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageWYOMINGBrillcast Manufacturing Llc$750,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageNOVILaser Mechanisms Inc.$750,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageCANTONPointe Scientific Inc.$750,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageTROYZiebart International Corporation$750,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageTROYLonero Engineering Co. Inc.$700,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageSOUTHFIELDUnited Paint And Chemical Corporation$650,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageBATTLE CREEKNexthermal Corporation$550,000.00
2016Installation of Temperature ControlsBYRON CENTERControl Solutions Inc.$549,417.00
2016Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority - Furnish/Install Electrical - Subcontract No. SC-0192-017TROYAlpha Electric & Engineering L.L.C.$546,100.00
2016Benton Harbor High School Gymnasium Roof and Mechanical ReplacementCASNOVIACRM Construction Inc.$532,769.00
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