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Recipient Name

Dollars Obligated

2015VA25115B0130 VA Renovate Bldg's 26 27 & 28LIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($300,000.00)
2015Install LED Lighting in Parking Garage and Other AreasLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($190,000.00)
2016Renovation of Parking Lots - Various LocationsLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($188,315.00)
2015VA25015B0221 Project No. 552-16-203 Replace Sprinkler Heads at VAMCLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($180,000.00)
20152015 Water Main Replacement ProjectUTICAADJ Excavating of Florida Inc.($162,500.00)
2016VA69D16B0220 Repair Extension Tank and HVAC PipingLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($150,000.00)
2015Correct InPatient Mental Health DeficienciesLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($150,000.00)
2015Pavement ReplacementUTICAADJ Excavating of Florida Inc.($125,000.00)
2015Repair Drainage/storm DrainsINKSTERAdvanced Integrated Solutions LLC($120,000.00)
2016Renovate Building 14 Room 007LIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($96,153.00)
20152015 Concrete Street Repair ImprovementsRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($94,542.00)
2016Partial concrete and asphalt reconstructionRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($90,000.00)
2016City of Warren 2016 Pavement Repairs Project P-16-607RIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($87,500.00)
20152015/2016 Concrete Replacement Program Catch Basin Rehabilitation & Sump Pump ConnectionRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($75,000.00)
2015Cousino Drive Water Main and Holmes Drive Water Main Replacement and Pavement ReconstructionUTICAADJ Excavating of Florida Inc.($67,500.00)
2017South Pier Catwalk RehabilitationHAMILTONMihm Enterprises Inc.($60,000.00)
20152015 HMA Street Concrete Base Repair & Resurfacing ProgramRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($57,500.00)
2015City Project P-15-593 2015 Pavement RepairsRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($55,000.00)
2016Install Tornado SirenLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($53,874.00)
2015Upgrade Lighting System hangar 44INKSTERAdvanced Integrated Solutions LLC($50,000.00)
20162016 Utility RelocationHARBOR SPRINGSHarbor Springs Excavating Inc.($45,000.00)
2016Construct Barracks 2568 Fort Custer Training Center File No. 511/16191.AGYLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($41,538.00)
2017Interior RemodelingFLINTJ. Perez Construction Inc.($37,500.00)
20152015 Allen Park Pavement Repair ProgramRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($37,500.00)
2015Lorraine Avenue Pavement RehabilitationRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($37,500.00)
20152015 Sidewalk Replacement ProgramRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($37,500.00)
2016Attic Asbestos AbatementINKSTERAdvanced Integrated Solutions LLC($35,000.00)
2016Intersection Improvements West Road and Allen RoadRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($35,000.00)
2016Smith & Heritage Additions and RenovationsFLINTJ. Perez Construction Inc.($35,000.00)
2015VA25115B0278 Expand Parking LotLIVONIAVeterans Construction Services Inc.($35,000.00)
2016Street Extension Sewer & WatermainMARLETTEMarlette Excavating Company($34,000.00)
2016Village Hall interior renovationsDETROITJCW Construction LLC($30,000.00)
2015Hamilton Alley Pvaing Project - Contract #9-15 (P)UTICAADJ Excavating of Florida Inc.($30,000.00)
20152015 Concrete Pavement &RIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($30,000.00)
2016New Fire Alarm UpgradesFLINTJ. Perez Construction Inc.($25,000.00)
2015Asbestos Abatement at Riley Upper Elementary School and Emerson Middle SchoolDEARBORN HEIGHTSGlobal Green Service Group LLC($25,000.00)
2015Ford Line Avenue ReconstructionTROYHomeland Government Services LLC($25,000.00)
2016Metropollitan Park District Fallen Timbers Field Office Exterior RenovationRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($24,030.00)
2016Auditorium RenovationsFLINTJ. Perez Construction Inc.($22,750.00)
2015Asbestos Abatement various schoolsDEARBORN HEIGHTSGlobal Green Service Group LLC($20,000.00)
2016Athletic Storage Buildings ContructionDETROITJCW Construction LLC($17,500.00)
2016Clinical Center Office/Lad Replace ElevatorsFLINTJ. Perez Construction Inc.($16,250.00)
2016Hurtley Outdoor Education Center Dorm AdditionFLINTJ. Perez Construction Inc.($15,000.00)
2015Whitmer High School Asbestos RemovalDEARBORN HEIGHTSGlobal Green Service Group LLC($13,295.00)
2016City of Allen Park Pavement Replacement for Utility RepairsRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($12,500.00)
20152015 Sidewalk Replacement ProgramRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($12,500.00)
20152015 Concrete RestorationRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($12,500.00)
20152015 Sidewalk Replacement ProgramRIVERVIEWCentury Cement Company Inc.($11,500.00)
2015Asbestos Abatement various elementary schoolDEARBORN HEIGHTSGlobal Green Service Group LLC($11,250.00)
2016Asbestos Abatement Angell ES & Pattengill ESDEARBORN HEIGHTSGlobal Green Service Group LLC($11,000.00)
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