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2016City Of LivoniaWayne County Treasurer$61,183,155.20
2016County Of JacksonState Of Michigan$31,420,128.52
2016City Of Auburn HillsOakland County Treasurer - Tax$23,187,967.85
2016Township Of Canton CharterGreat Lakes Water Authority$17,613,080.23
2016City Of RosevilleCity Of Roseville$16,310,753.38
2016City Of Auburn HillsPontiac School District$16,289,104.80
2016Township Of Ypsilanti CharterYpsilanti Township$15,684,278.54
2016City Of LivoniaWayne County$14,726,918.54
2016City Of LivoniaGreat Lakes Water Authority$14,146,451.05
2016City Of MuskegonMuskegon County Treasurer$13,982,862.66
2016City Of RosevilleRoseville Community Schools$13,324,631.19
2016County Of MasonOakview Medical Care Facility$12,792,596.28
2016County Of CassState Of Michigan$12,493,716.96
2016Township Of Fenton CharterGenesee County Treasurer Offic$12,431,805.44
2016Township Of FlintGen Co Drain$11,917,818.32
2016City Of East Grand RapidsKent County Treasurer$11,806,940.70
2016County Of CharlevoixSt Of Mich Dept 77627$11,775,469.04
2016Township Of FlintTreasurer Genesee$11,240,153.46
2016City Of WalkerKenowa Hills Public Schools$10,904,835.24
2016City Of RosevilleMacomb County Treasurer$10,702,996.15
2016County Of MasonState Of Michigan-dept Of Treasury$10,651,343.60
2016Township Of Texas CharterKal County Treasurer$10,027,522.20
2016City Of JacksonGeneral Pooled Account$9,905,574.02
2016Township Of HamburgLivingston County Treasurer$9,464,662.88
2016County Of MecostaState Of Michigan$9,171,144.11
2016City Of East Grand RapidsEgr Public Schools$8,641,651.88
2016Township Of Canton CharterWestern Townships Utilities Authority (wtua)$8,430,347.48
2016City Of EscanabaNextera$8,406,865.62
2016City Of Mount PleasantCity Treasurer$8,086,848.53
2016City Of JacksonJackson County Treasurer$7,994,621.56
2016Township Of Canton CharterInternal Revenue Service$7,838,575.06
2016County Of ManisteeState Of Michigan$7,748,460.28
2016Township Of New BuffaloNew Buffalo Area Schools$7,746,821.60
2016County Of MasonMason County Road Commission$7,710,190.86
2016City Of JacksonJackson Public Schools$7,667,368.45
2016City Of MarysvilleSt Clair County Treasurer$7,621,650.82
2016Township Of Port SheldonGrand Haven Schools$7,618,880.77
2016Township Of East BayGrand Traverse County Treas$7,515,518.18
2016Township Of New BuffaloBerrien County Treas - Admin Ctr$7,446,147.97
2016City Of Mount PleasantCity Treasurer-payroll Fund$7,418,106.37
2016Township Of DavisonGenesee Co Treasurer$7,364,022.85
2016City Of RosevilleSoutheast Macomb Sanitary District$7,338,876.17
2016City Of Mount PleasantMt Pleasant Public Schools$7,252,162.02
2016Township Of Bangor CharterBay County Treasurer$7,239,618.59
2016City Of Grosse PointeWayne County Treasurer$7,197,514.51
2016Township Of Mundy CharterGenesee County Treasurer's Office$7,174,856.23
2016Township Of HamburgPinckney Community Schools$7,050,111.54
2016Township Of Ypsilanti CharterWashtenaw County - Levy$6,956,360.14
2016Township Of FlintCarman-ainsworth$6,781,344.45
2016Township Of ThomasSaginaw County Treasurer$6,728,519.03
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