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Year: 2018
Employer Name: City Of Las Vegas
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Annual Wages

2018City Of Las VegasCity ManagerAdams Scott D$310,558.44
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainLittmann Eric S$264,175.40
2018City Of Las VegasCity AttorneyJerbic Bradford R$260,193.18
2018City Of Las VegasDeputy City ManagerSanchez Orlando L$258,094.67
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefWickliffe Lawrence$234,620.83
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefBerg Greg R$226,841.34
2018City Of Las VegasFire Investigations Supervisor-Bomb SquadBurton Anthony$224,912.24
2018City Of Las VegasChief Financial OfficerAmeling Gary J$222,177.66
2018City Of Las VegasChief Operations And Development OfficerCervantes Jorge A$221,538.50
2018City Of Las VegasMunicipal Court Criminal Division ChiefManning Jack P$219,812.38
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefSuarez James$217,343.19
2018City Of Las VegasChief Community Services OfficerLarson Duddlesten Karen E$214,947.29
2018City Of Las VegasEms Medical DirectorSlattery David E$202,381.44
2018City Of Las VegasFire EngineerWinder William D$201,411.95
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainSteinberg Mitchell T$199,213.99
2018City Of Las VegasFire EngineerWorpell Tod C$198,203.25
2018City Of Las VegasAssistant City AttorneyDavis Morgan D$197,383.73
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefMoore Robert E$196,878.59
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefDalessio Dina M$195,206.29
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefPitts Robert D$195,130.78
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainHurley Jr John K$193,636.92
2018City Of Las VegasCorrections SergeantPadilla Rodolfo P$192,361.37
2018City Of Las VegasChief Of StaffOlivas Ted J$192,145.60
2018City Of Las VegasDirector Department Of Public SafetyFreeman Michele E$192,020.20
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainEldridge Ryan K$191,655.98
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainMunoz Frank R$191,651.51
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefAbercrombie Clyde A$191,373.31
2018City Of Las VegasSr Fire InvestigatorBrown Laura J$191,143.12
2018City Of Las VegasAssistant City AttorneyPonticello Teresita L$190,650.16
2018City Of Las VegasFire Battalion ChiefThom Jr James M$190,208.01
2018City Of Las VegasAssistant City AttorneyScott Bryan K$190,199.14
2018City Of Las VegasChief Public Safety Services OfficerHacker Timothy R$189,656.19
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainPearson Robert A$189,310.19
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainAragon Tomas$188,933.02
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainPerillo Iii Arthur J$188,441.18
2018City Of Las VegasFire EngineerFields Perry J$188,177.96
2018City Of Las VegasDirector Economic And Urban DevelopmentArent William J$188,112.40
2018City Of Las VegasDeputy City Attorney VSteed Cameron Val$188,110.57
2018City Of Las VegasExecutive Director Community DevelopmentPerrigo Thomas A$187,931.18
2018City Of Las VegasCorrections OfficerWilliams Diane P$187,462.31
2018City Of Las VegasFire EngineerFranks Lee J$186,678.90
2018City Of Las VegasFire EngineerLeavitt Andrew J$186,198.05
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainCheese Eric M$186,186.89
2018City Of Las VegasDirector Operations & MaintenanceWalker Jerry N$185,772.04
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainHeckard David L$185,707.82
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainFlores Xavier E$185,278.84
2018City Of Las VegasCity AuditorSnelding Radford K$184,860.96
2018City Of Las VegasSr Fire InvestigatorOlsen Sharisse R$183,534.09
2018City Of Las VegasFire CaptainGosse Patrick M$183,080.69
2018City Of Las VegasDeputy City Attorney VByrnes Philip R$182,816.50
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