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NY - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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2017Department Of CorrectionCorrection OfficerGrabowski Gregory G$373,904.10
2017Police DepartmentPolice OfficerObyrne Brian M$371,381.40
2017Office Of The ComptrollerPension Investment AdvisorEvans Scott C$362,416.04
2017Department Of CorrectionSenior Stationary EngineerO'donoghue Fintan$344,771.15
2017Dept Of Ed PedagogicalTeacherSuker David P$326,647.72
2017Department Of CorrectionSupervisor Of MechanicsCorcoran Dermot$324,127.29
2017Community College (Queensboro)Stationary EngineerCarbone Joseph$321,738.27
2017Community College (Manhattan)Senior Stationary EngineerBrosnan David M$319,660.13
2017Department Of CorrectionOilerCarillo Alfonse$315,603.39
2017Department Of CorrectionStationary EngineerPrezioso Robert J$311,579.72
2017Community College (Bronx)Senior Stationary EngineerDillon Michael$311,468.05
2017Department Of SanitationSupervisor Of MechanicsGiattino Joseph J$306,559.54
2017Community College (Manhattan)PresidentPerez Antonio$299,409.28
2017Office Of The ActuaryChief ActuaryChan Sherry S$299,004.84
2017Department Of CorrectionSupervisor Of MechanicsSanchez Antonio M$297,873.19
2017Community College (Hostos)PresidentGomez David$297,035.10
2017Community College (Queensboro)Stationary EngineerGennaro Vincent$296,500.45
2017Department Of CorrectionWelderRansome Bertwin$294,375.28
2017Community College (Kingsboro)PresidentHerzek Farley E$292,815.95
2017Community College (Bronx)PresidentIsekenegbe Thomas A$292,815.95
2017Community College (Bronx)Stationary EngineerStryker Curtis$290,361.63
2017Office Of The ComptrollerDirector Of InvestmentsDone Alexis$289,932.88
2017Office Of The ComptrollerDirector Of InvestmentsHaddad Michael D$289,932.88
2017Department Of CorrectionSenior Stationary EngineerBarrett Henry$287,994.60
2017Community College (Laguardia)PresidentMellow Gail O$287,643.97
2017Fire DepartmentFirefighterYoung William F$286,818.16
2017Community College (Queensboro)PresidentCall Diane H$286,761.58
2017Guttman Community CollegePresidentEvenbeck Scott E$286,487.87
2017Community College (Bronx)Stationary EngineerNegron Jose$285,200.43
2017Department Of CorrectionSenior Stationary EngineerFricione Michael$282,964.45
2017Department Of FinanceAdministrative Tax AuditorHyles Pauline P$282,658.50
2017Department Of CorrectionStationary EngineerMartinez Orlando L$282,380.89
2017Department Of CorrectionCaptainChristopher Mitchell R$281,636.18
2017Community College (Queensboro)Senior Stationary EngineerThumann Jr William$280,934.29
2017Office Of The MayorFirst Deputy MayorShorris Anthony E$280,003.04
2017Dept Of Citywide Admin SvcsStationary EngineerMcgovern Gerard M$278,263.43
2017Fire DepartmentFirefighterClarke George B$277,882.16
2017Community College (Queensboro)Stationary EngineerSelfridge Philip D$277,023.76
2017Teachers Retirement SystemComputer Systems ManagerGray Robert E$276,406.55
2017Dept Of Citywide Admin SvcsStationary EngineerJoseph Samuel O$276,179.03
2017Department Of CorrectionCaptainSellers William$275,309.92
2017Department Of CorrectionWarden-Assistant Deputy WardenChin Stanley$275,064.15
2017Community College (Bronx)Stationary EngineerMcloughlin Kieran E$274,957.57
2017Department Of TransportationMotor Grader OperatorLane Keith J$274,729.81
2017Department Of CorrectionStationary EngineerMaldonado Jr Victor$274,608.94
2017Department Of CorrectionTractor OperatorPapa Richard J$274,596.26
2017Dept Of Citywide Admin SvcsStationary EngineerBindert Gerard P$274,574.26
2017Office Of The ComptrollerAdministrative Staff AnalystNelson Yvonne D$274,400.58
2017Office Of The ComptrollerDirector Of InvestmentsDraycott Miles$274,400.58
2017Office Of The ComptrollerDirector Of InvestmentsGarland Michael I$274,400.58
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