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2015Town Of UlyssesVillage Of Trumansburg($429,667.31)
2015Town Of UlyssesVillage Of Trumansburg($429,667.31)
2015Charter Schools Of KippScholastic Inc($426,922.10)
2016Charter Schools Of KippScholastic Inc($426,922.10)
2016Village Of KensingtonEftps($424,288.86)
2015Charter Schools Of KippKipp Foundation($420,601.67)
2016Charter Schools Of KippKipp Foundation($420,601.67)
2014Sherman Central School DistrictNys Teachers Retirement System($418,801.80)
2014Village Of TrumansburgTown Of Ulysses($415,569.19)
2014School District Of Deer Park Union FreeDeer Park Ufsd Trust & Agency($413,400.00)
2014Town Of LaurensHighway Fund($412,899.21)
2016Village Of KensingtonNys Police And Fire Retirement Fund($407,778.00)
2014Village Of East HillsRescue Hook & Ladder Co No 1 Inc($397,921.14)
2014Village Of East HillsRoslyn Highlands Hook & Ladder($393,078.73)
2014School District Of Deer Park Union FreeDeer Park Ufsd Gen Fund($391,373.99)
2014Village Of Wesley HillsVillage Of Wesley Hills($380,500.00)
2014Town Of ClintonWest Clinton Fire District Chairman($380,251.00)
2014Village Of East HillsNys Employee Health Ins Pending Acct($379,056.71)
2016Charter Schools Of KippRevolution Foods Inc($377,238.89)
2015Charter Schools Of KippRevolution Foods Inc($377,238.89)
2014Village Of Port Washington NorthPort Washington Fire Department($376,857.66)
2014School District Of Bronxville Union FreeHealth Premiums($376,686.00)
2014Village Of Old FieldSetauket Fire District($370,814.29)
2014NysbaNys Tax & Finance (adm Assess($369,000.00)
2015Village Of TrumansburgTompkins County Finance($362,879.59)
2014Town Of LaurensPayroll Fund($358,709.30)
2014Village Of Wesley HillsTown Of Ramapo($357,872.00)
2016School District Of Mamaroneck Union FreeOxford Health Plan United Healthcare($356,695.21)
2014School District Of Briarcliff Manor*void* Pnw Boces Attn R Miller($355,520.00)
2016Village Of ManorhavenJpmorgan Chase Bank Na($354,393.75)
2015Village Of TrumansburgTown Of Covert($353,139.74)
2015Charter Schools Of KippNew York Gold Shield Inc($352,190.14)
2016Charter Schools Of KippNew York Gold Shield Inc($352,190.14)
2015School District Of Greenburgh Eleven Union FreeTemporary Vendor($345,777.35)
2014Village Of East HillsSwma($344,623.58)
2016Village Of KensingtonNys Employees Health Insurance Pending($344,506.80)
2016Town Of AlexandriaOffice Of The State Comptroller($340,691.41)
2014Village Of CantonNew York State & Local Retirement System($340,383.00)
2014Frontier Central School DistrictM&t Retiree Health Ins($338,167.59)
2014Village Of The BranchSmithtown Fire District($329,474.06)
2014School District Of Babylon Union Free*void* John Bosch Bus Inc($323,888.31)
2015School District Of Deer ParkDpufsd Capital Funds($323,251.35)
2015Charter Schools Of KippNexus Is Inc($312,223.65)
2016Charter Schools Of KippNexus Is Inc($312,223.65)
2016Town Of SomersetTown Of Somerset General Fund($306,869.93)
2016Town Of PierrepontNbt Bank($302,944.89)
2015School District Of Cherry Valley-springfield CentralCvscs($302,522.85)
2015School District Of Shoreham-wading RiverVoided - Laser Industries Inc($300,925.80)
2014NysbaHvb Construction Inc($299,974.56)
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