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2014Cambridge Central School District$337,926.20
2015School District Of Hudson City$2,301,412.61
2016School District Of Hudson City$2,301,412.61
2014School District Of Lindenhurst Union Free$578.00
2014School District Of Merric$0.00
2014School District Of Rocky Point Union Free$61,894.16
2014Town Of Rochester!bew Local Union 363$339.81
2014School District Of Schalmont Central" Pitney Bowes"$11,237.84
2014Village Of Tarrytown"bats" Pin Striping$2,950.00
2014School District Of Miller Place Union Free"bee" Scene$10.00
2015School District Of North Babylon"bee" Scene$500.00
2016County Of Erie"moeller Kenneth " West Seneca$46.48
2015School District Of Silver Creek Central"olivia's Wish" Scholarship C/o Mr Coiaa/p Transaction Id:1961$101.00
2014Jefferson Central School District"pick A Pumpkin" Pumpkin Patch$100.00
2014School District Of Canajoharie Central"pick A Pumpkin" Pumpkin Patch$165.00
2015School District Of Canajoharie Central"pick A Pumpkin" Pumpkin Patch$160.00
2015School District Of Jefferson Central"pick A Pumpkin" Pumpkin Patch$60.00
2016School District Of Canajoharie Central"pick A Pumpkin" Pumpkin Patch$160.00
2016School District Of Jefferson Central"pick A Pumpkin" Pumpkin Patch$60.00
2015School District Of Schalmont Central"pitney Bowes"$3,657.96
2016School District Of Schalmont Central"pitney Bowes"$3,657.96
2015Town Of Sheldon"state Comptroller"$3,673.00
2014Avon Central School District"suny Oswego"$1,300.00
2014School District Of Tahonic Hills Central"treasury Of The State Of Ny"$154.00
2014New York City Economic Development Corporation#1 Express Auto Repair Inc$15,660.00
2016School District Of Holley Central#1 Party Supplies$1,173.07
2015School District Of Broadalbin-perth Central#n/a$8,705.00
2016School District Of Broadalbin-perth Central#n/a$8,705.00
2014Town Of North Salem#name?$629.40
2014School District Of Riverhead Central& K Alarm Systems Co$73,371.68
2014Village Of Cornwall-on-hudson& Wash Baright Enterprises$165.00
2014Town Of Lorraine'firne Warner Cable$81.95
2014City Of New Rochelle'interstate Fire & Safety Equipment Co$916.25
2014Town Of Amherst'round The Clock Service$14,000.00
2014Town Of Alexandria'verizon$377.32
2014Town Of Campbell'william E Rosplock$571.60
2014City Of New Rochelle'wilson Bave Conboy Cozza & Couzens$11,422.50
2015Town Of Holland'zientek-jill$2,182.10
2014Village Of Depew(2) Sets Of Turn Out Gear Fluid Power$1,340.00
2014Town Of Irondequoit(585) Publishing$569.00
2015School District Of Marion Central(585) Publishing$250.00
2015Town Of Irondequoit(585) Publishing$459.00
2014School District Of Chester Union Free(amex)$15,225.00
2014School District Of Cornwall Central(ami)armistead Mechanical Inc$2,590.00
2014Phelps-clifton Springs Central School District(estes) Kataskas Alexandria$537.67
2014County Of Broome(mda) Maxx Sunglasses$420.00
2015County Of Broome(mda) Maxx Sunglasses$251.43
2016School District Of Potsdam Central(metromatic) Metlife$4,613.03
2015Village Of Greene(ramsco)$67.03
2014Village Of Greene(ramsco) Hd Supply Waterworks Ltd$4,358.09
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