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Annual Wages

2017Health Authority Of OregonA Kelly M$13,228.70
2016Health Authority Of OregonA Kelly M$2,852.18
2016Department Of Human ServicesAaker Melissa$13,219.02
2017Department Of Human ServicesAaker Melissa$33,108.45
2016Department Of Environmental QualityAalbers Steven D$81,996.00
2015Department Of Environmental QualityAalbers Steven D$80,144.00
2017Department Of Environmental QualityAalbers Steven D$88,437.89
2017Department Of Human ServicesAamodt Kendall L$33,972.00
2015Health Authority Of OregonAarhus Michelle A$54,446.00
2016Health Authority Of OregonAarhus Michelle A$58,216.18
2017Health Authority Of OregonAarhus Michelle A$64,116.00
2016Department Of Geology & Mineral IndAaro Kenneth N$40,998.14
2016Department Of JusticeAaron James Michael$82,056.00
2015Department Of JusticeAaron James Michael$73,112.00
2017Department Of JusticeAaron James Michael$90,288.00
2015Department Of EducationAazzerah Rachel Allyn$71,762.00
2016Department Of EducationAazzerah Rachel Allyn$55,139.83
2015Department Of Human ServicesAbad Michelle$49,575.45
2017Department Of Human ServicesAbai Tigisti E$34,115.37
2015Department Of Human ServicesAbai Tigisti E$53,399.95
2016Department Of Human ServicesAbai Tigisti E$42,745.79
2016State Police Of OregonAbalos Evelyn J$7,508.91
2017Department Of Human ServicesAbarca-millan Miguel$64,253.39
2015Department Of Human ServicesAbarca-millan Miguel$51,506.70
2016Department Of Human ServicesAbarca-millan Miguel$57,611.40
2015Department Of EmploymentAbatie Mary E$62,837.33
2016Department Of EmploymentAbatie Mary E$70,817.73
2017Department Of EmploymentAbatie Mary E$70,277.84
2017Retirement System Of Public EmpsAbayare Brittanie C$44,028.00
2016Department Of TransportationAbayare Brittanie C$3,171.05
2016Department Of JusticeAbazi Merita$41,452.15
2015Department Of JusticeAbazi Merita$32,565.12
2017Department Of JusticeAbazi Merita$48,264.00
2017Department Of EmploymentAbbas Eman A$4,125.12
2016Department Of ForestryAbbe Tel R$271.43
2016Department Of Fish & WildlifeAbbes Christian R$8,001.73
2015Department Of Fish & WildlifeAbbes Christian R$21,129.79
2015Department Of Parks & RecreationAbbey James$6,932.61
2017Youth Authority Of OregonAbblitt Brittany G$43,532.71
2016Youth Authority Of OregonAbblitt Brittany G$18,359.28
2016Department Of Land Conserv & DevAbbott Amie$70,176.60
2015Department Of Land Conserv & DevAbbott Amie$68,275.10
2017Department Of Land Conserv & DevAbbott Amie$69,240.00
2015Health Authority Of OregonAbbott Christopher M$21,685.11
2017Department Of Human ServicesAbbott Christopher M$36,876.00
2016Department Of Human ServicesAbbott Christopher M$30,808.06
2015Health Authority Of OregonAbbott Crystal D$36,768.18
2017Health Authority Of OregonAbbott Crystal D$46,164.00
2016Health Authority Of OregonAbbott Crystal D$38,760.00
2017Public Safety Standards & TrngAbbott Daniel L$50,088.00
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