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Annual Wages

2015Center City District Of PhiladelphiaPresident & CeoLevy Paul$423,497.29
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Mayor/police CommissionerRamsey Charles$270,523.00
2015Solid Waste Management Of Lancaster CountyChief Executive OfficerWarner James D$261,684.70
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical ExaminerGulino Sam$260,730.00
2015Township Of FallsPletnick Todd$231,651.66
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Medical Examiner (n40a)Chu Albert$231,505.00
2015City Of PittsburghDeputy ChiefHennessy Daniel P$226,256.91
2015City Of PittsburghCrew ChiefTersine Gregory S$225,182.42
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMayorNutter Michael$217,820.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Executive Officer-div. Of AviationGale Mark$212,175.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Medical Examiner (ep39a Scale)Sorokin Victoria$210,459.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Medical Examiner (ep39a Scale)Wardak Khalil$210,459.00
2015City Of PittsburghDeputy ChiefScherer Harry J$208,198.16
2015City Of PittsburghDeputy ChiefMullen Michael J$206,591.05
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Of StaffGillison Everett$205,448.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaExecutive DirectorBielli Francis$204,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPresident & DirectorReardon Siobhan$204,219.00
2015Solid Waste Authority Of Clinton CountyGeneral ManagerAlexander Jay B$203,537.78
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Mayor/managing DirectorNegrin Richard$201,825.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorJoyce Nola$201,721.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Police CommissionerRoss Jr Richard$201,721.00
2015Township Of FallsWard Henry$200,708.47
2015County Of BucksDamsker David C$200,115.88
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveMorton Levi$200,092.24
2015Water Authority Of ChesterWilliams Russell C$198,957.97
2015Authority Of Lehigh CountyCeoArndt Aurel$197,924.02
2015City Of PittsburghParamedic 5th YearDesantis Anthony N$192,569.55
2015City Of PittsburghPolice Officer/detectiveBurns Michael B$192,002.06
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical Services DirectorHayes George$191,921.00
2015Township Of TredyffrinSuperintendentGiaimo Anthony J$191,588.66
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectivePitts James$191,037.84
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantMatakovich Stephen$190,644.60
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical Services DirectorJohnson Caroline$190,496.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Police CommissionerBethel Kevin$190,282.00
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefBradley Keith R$189,857.24
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveGraf Iv Francis$189,198.62
2015Township Of Upper DublinTownship ManagerLeonard Paul$189,113.93
2015City Of PittsburghCrew ChiefWasek Jerome R$188,322.38
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicAmaker Lawrence$187,410.28
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPathologist 2Lieberman Edwin$187,274.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorBuehler James$186,300.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPathologist 2Simon Lindsay$185,849.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPathologist 2Brown Daniel$185,849.00
2015City Of HarrisburgFirefighter Driver/operatorPeskie John$185,768.28
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantBell Walter$185,743.48
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveMarano Donald$185,070.42
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Operating OfficerCameron Rochelle$185,000.00
2015Township Of DarbyLundell J$184,888.00
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefCox Robert J$183,560.48
2015County Of HuntingdonDistrict AttorneySmith David G$183,363.21
2015Township Of RichlandBastianini Dean$183,068.08
2015County Of WestmorelandDistrict AttyPeck Ii John W$182,499.26
2015City Of PhiladelphiaCity SolicitorSmith Shelley$182,403.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveHarkins John$182,307.26
2015Township Of CumruHabecker Jed G$181,798.40
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefKopicko Timothy G$181,713.93
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveLucke Thorsten$181,514.58
2015Township Of ScottPolice ChiefSecreet James P$181,148.81
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveBartol John$181,007.62
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical Care Clinical DirectorEburuoh Rita$180,709.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Innovation OfficerEbeid Adel$180,349.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical Care Clinical DirectorKwakwa Helena$179,884.00
2015County Of LuzerneDistrict AttorneySalavantis Stefanie$178,805.94
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Police CommissionerTurpin Denise$178,418.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Police CommissionerCoulter Christine$178,418.00
2015Borough Of LansdaleKirchner Timothea M$177,991.26
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveBamberski Joseph$177,657.81
2015County Of SchuylkillHolman Christine A$177,462.00
2015County Of BeaverDistrict AttorneyBerosh Anthony J$177,110.96
2015County Of YorkDistrict AttorneyKearney Thomas$176,928.47
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveMullen Jr Francis$176,832.65
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicWaddell Randolph$176,698.42
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectivePeterman Jr Howard$176,201.22
2015Township Of RadnorZienkowski Robert A$176,000.01
2015County Of IndianaDougherty Patrick$175,579.71
2015County Of WayneDistrict AttorneyEdwards Janine$175,575.40
2015County Of ButlerDistrict AttorneyGoldinger Richard A$175,572.09
2015County Of FultonKendall Travis$175,572.02
2015County Of GreeneDistrict AttorneyMarjorie Fox$175,572.02
2015County Of MifflinElected Official - District AttorneyMolek David W$175,572.02
2015County Of ArmstrongAndreassi Scott J$175,572.02
2015County Of ClarionAaron Mark T$175,572.00
2015County Of BucksHeckler David W$175,572.00
2015County Of LehighElected OfficialsMartin James B$175,572.00
2015County Of NorthamptonDistrict AttorneyMorganelli John M$175,572.00
2015County Of VenangoDistrict AttorneyWhite Donald S$175,572.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDistrict AttorneyWilliams Rufus$175,572.00
2015County Of LebanonDistrict AttorneyArnold David J$175,572.00
2015County Of MonroeDistrict Attorney FtChristine Jr Elmer D$175,572.00
2015County Of CarbonDistrict AttorneyEngler Jean A$175,572.00
2015County Of CumberlandDistrict AttorneyFreed David J$175,572.00
2015County Of WarrenGreene Robert C$175,571.76
2015County Of ErieDistrict AttorneyDaneri John H$175,571.76
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyMosee George$175,571.00
2015County Of MontourWarren Rebecca$175,555.38
2015County Of ColumbiaDistrict AttorneyLeipold Thomas$175,552.42
2015County Of DauphinDistrict AttorneyMarsico Jr Edward M$175,552.00
2015County Of SusquehannaDistrict. AttorneyLegg Jason$175,518.53
2015County Of LancasterElected OfficialsStedman Craig W$175,465.06
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Investment OfficerWoolworth Brad$175,000.00
2015County Of JuniataDistrict AttorneySnook Cory$174,814.03
2015Township Of FallsFanelli Jr Raymond J$173,970.58
2015Township Of RossHribik Albert$173,785.18
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveWhalen Patrick$173,659.59
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyMc Cann Jr Edward$173,561.00
2015County Of NorthumberlandDistrict AttorneyTargonski Ann$172,790.80
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveByard Tracy$172,774.96
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainHunt John D$172,492.56
2015Township Of FallsAirey Donald$171,923.46
2015Regional Water Quality Control Authority Of Delaware CountyExecutive DirectorWillert Robert J$171,850.21
2015Township Of BristolPolice LieutenantsHughes Terrence P$171,081.65
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveNordo Philip$169,997.81
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterTillery Sr Jeffrey$169,983.44
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDep Mayor For Econ Dev Plan/dir Of CommerGreenberger Alan$169,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Mayor/deputy Managing DirectorKretsge Susan$169,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorWilson David$169,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Mayor/deputy Managing DirectorCutler Rina$169,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSpec. Adv. To The Mayor/parks & Rec Comm.Di Berardinis Michael$169,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorElfrey John$169,740.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveBurns James$169,735.58
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveFetters George$169,544.50
2015Township Of FallsRhodunda Bruce$169,349.84
2015Solid Waste Authority Of Clinton CountyAdministrative ManagerOrndorf Marci A$169,249.76
2015Solid Waste Authority Of Clinton CountySeasonalPersun Max T$169,249.76
2015Solid Waste Authority Of Clinton CountyEnvironmental ManagerCrist Michael L$169,249.76
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveVerrecchio John$169,138.60
2015County Of BradfordDistrict AttorneyBarrett Daniel J$169,069.42
2015Township Of FallsWhitney Ii Nelson$168,882.67
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveGaul Thomas$168,190.00
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainCinker William E$168,121.81
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefPraskovich Douglas$167,720.90
2015City Of PittsburghDeputy ChiefLarge Frank E$167,629.48
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyLobel Jodi$167,576.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyMalone Laurie$167,576.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyPonterio Ann$167,576.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyDelaney Jr John$167,576.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyDouglas Curtis$167,576.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyEisenberg Ronald$167,576.00
2015Township Of Lower MakefieldTwp ManagerFedorchak Terry S$167,472.08
2015Solid Waste Management Of Lancaster CountyChief Operating OfficerZorbaugh Robert B$167,273.14
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveCenteno Joseph$167,253.72
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantRiehl Philip$167,239.43
2015Township Of RadnorColarulo William A$167,192.10
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantWilkins Jr Robert$167,112.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical SpecialistKhan Khudsiya$166,742.00
2015Township Of RossComport Samuel$166,362.72
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantWilliams Jr Jacob$166,071.09
2015Regional Water Quality Control Authority Of Delaware CountyDir. Of Ops. & Maint.Di Santis Michael J$165,925.35
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerAbel Paul G$165,885.79
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFinance DirectorDubow Robert$165,741.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDirector Of CommunicationsPeterkin Bell Desiree$165,600.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of FinanceTolson Clarena I$165,600.00
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefWalz Gary E$165,571.92
2015Center City District Of PhiladelphiaVp Of Finance & AdmiPipitone Anthony$165,437.24
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveHammond Laura$165,350.90
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveWilliams Nathaniel$165,336.23
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice CorporalTolliver Edward$165,292.93
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirst Deputy City SolicitorMouzayck Donna$165,000.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantWilliams Melvin$164,893.54
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorGarvey Michael$164,436.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveSingleton Gregory$164,023.69
2015Township Of DerryTownship ManagerNegley James N$163,610.31
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterCollins James$162,635.85
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveRossiter John$162,595.97
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPresident Of City CouncilClarke Darrell$162,374.00
2015Solid Waste Management Of Lancaster CountyChief Financial OfficerPruden Gary M$161,742.34
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveScally Timothy$161,632.77
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicStaton Marvin$161,627.07
2015Township Of BristolPolice SwornTerman Jr John$161,553.48
2015Township Of Mount LebanonRemark John A$161,444.50
2015Township Of FallsWilcox William$161,420.83
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMedical Director Laboratory ServicesPowell Alvin$161,024.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicBurkett Jr Roy$160,945.06
2015Township Of ScottPolice OfficersSkees Jeffrey M$160,834.96
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefMcdonald Roy C$160,332.97
2015County Of PerryDistrict AttorneyChenot Charles F$160,255.30
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefHirschfeld Gerald$160,088.75
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Financial OfficerOlanipekun-lewis Folasade$160,075.00
2015City Of PittsburghPolice Officer/detectiveGoob Mark J$159,898.21
2015Township Of Upper DublinChief Of PoliceThompson Terrence$159,882.81
2015City Of PhiladelphiaCommissionerNeukrug Howard$159,687.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaCommissionerPerri David$159,687.00
2015Township Of Mount LebanonFeller Stephen M$159,574.63
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicShanks Michael$159,558.35
2015Convention Center Authority Of Erie CountyExecutive DirectorWells John A$159,268.71
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Investment OfficerHanda Sumit$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaCommissionerHarley Vanessa$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaInspector GeneralKurland Amy$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirst Deputy Director Of FinancePaster Catherine$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of FinanceRhynhart Rebecca$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Education Advisor To The MayorShorr Lori$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDir Of Ofce Of Beh Hlth/mental Retard SvsEvans Phd Arthur$159,131.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaCommissionerSawyer Derrick$159,097.00
2015Township Of FallsGray Peter F$158,913.72
2015Center City District Of PhiladelphiaVp Mkt & CommunicatiShannon Michelle$158,800.56
2015Township Of TredyffrinSergeantBarrar Timothy$158,684.14
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainFarley Edmund J$158,578.79
2015Township Of FallsElmore Edward M$158,537.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicSutton Michael$158,497.24
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantHaines William G$158,448.86
2015Water Authority Of North WalesExecutive DirectorBender Robert C$158,266.96
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainWatkins Theophilus$157,968.22
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianMurray Pamela$157,912.00
2015Township Of FallsMoratti James$157,818.44
2015County Of MontgomeryChief Operating OfficerLambrugo Lauren M$157,479.32
2015Water Authority Of Capital RegionDirector Of OperationsDeily Michael A$157,426.92
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainRobbins Thomas$157,349.84
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianScott Sean$157,312.00
2015Township Of ScottPolice OfficersFury Stephen J$157,209.70
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Sheriff CaptainLaforet Anthony$157,164.28
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianMessick Sarah$157,112.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianHackney Janel$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianJacobs Samuel$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianJarosh Samara$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianJohnson Sarah$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianMalone Tanya$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianPrice Letitia$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPhysicianDivaker Shashi$156,487.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantHayes Frank$156,446.63
2015Township Of BristolPolice SwornLebo Robert A$156,245.98
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveKeen John$156,244.05
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantDavenport Norman$156,031.91
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainTalak James J$155,968.18
2015Township Of FallsCallahan Michael$155,847.19
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainJeter Iii Robert$155,748.37
2015Township Of RossThomas Michael J$155,324.42
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveHagan Theodore$155,313.51
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Cultural OfficerHaynes Helen$155,250.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy CommissionerLa Buda Melissa$155,250.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorRincon Diego$155,250.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of AviationBrune Keith$155,250.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy CommissionerClare Iii Joseph$155,250.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaActing Commissioner/prisonsGiorla Louis$155,250.00
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerJones Andrew C$155,096.50
2015Township Of WillistownNarcise John M$155,085.16
2015Township Of FallsYeager Jahn$154,995.73
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterTurner Hakeem$154,977.49
2015Township Of Mount LebanonFisher Duane M$154,841.73
2015Township Of ScottPolice OfficersStoker James R$154,786.87
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorJones Jazelle$154,437.03
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantWorede Bisarat$154,332.45
2015City Of PittsburghParamedic 5th YearMiller Garrett J$154,224.89
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy District AttorneyBurns Jr Hugh$154,215.00
2015Township Of FallsRhodunda Jeffrey M$154,108.58
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainNeri Stephen$153,969.80
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveJacobs Derrick$153,929.77
2015Public Housing Authority Of HarrisburgPresidentManns Senghor$153,811.84
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveSierra William$153,716.17
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainGasiorowski Mark B$153,399.05
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainMagliocca Joseph$153,099.99
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainPetruzzi James A$152,971.18
2015Township Of FallsLangan Steven T$152,813.61
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of FinancePiper Michael$152,607.00
2015Airport Authority Of Lehigh-northamptonEverett Charles R$152,596.40
2015Joint Municipal Authority Of NewtownManagerGormley Warren$152,498.80
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveAitken Ronald$152,153.87
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerRende Francis M$151,786.29
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainAbbott Dino$151,558.76
2015Township Of Upper DublinDeputy Police ChiefBenson Iii Ralph$151,281.39
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveLeahy Shawn$151,257.20
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of FinanceCassel Judith$151,175.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveKane Francis$151,139.03
2015Township Of BristolPolice SwornBeidler Gregory Allen$151,030.24
2015Township Of Lower MakefieldChief Of PoliceColuzzi Kenneth D$150,698.03
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantFong May G$150,679.46
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveMole Freddie$150,577.78
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectivePeters Brian$150,552.49
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveMc Namee John$150,526.03
2015Township Of FallsEisenhauer Jarrod A$150,394.80
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveJenkins Ohmarr$150,341.78
2015County Of BucksHessenthaler Brian$150,208.34
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveRocks Michael$150,045.54
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantBaldini Edward$149,919.62
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefDolan James W$149,783.56
2015Township Of Mount LebanonRayburg Mark J$149,611.87
2015County Of MontgomerySolicitor-county CommissiMcgarry Raymond$149,582.10
2015County Of MontgomeryChief Financial OfficerMonson Uri Z$149,582.10
2015Township Of FallsClark Christopher$149,471.84
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Sheriff CaptainMullelly Gregory$149,402.55
2015City Of HarrisburgFire LieutenantSkinner William$149,325.18
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Sheriff CaptainOsborne Jr Nathan$149,300.69
2015Township Of FallsBelinsky Martial$149,225.39
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefBon Richard J$148,960.65
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveGrebloski Charles$148,896.63
2015City Of PittsburghParamedic 5th YearVesci Jeffrey C$148,869.63
2015Borough Of LansdaleMcdyre Robert B$148,833.83
2015Township Of Penn HillsSchrecengost Edward P$148,792.28
2015Recycling And Refuse Authority Of Centre CountyExecutive DirectorOnufrak Ted W$148,761.20
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantLydic Donald$148,700.44
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Dir Of Finance-city TreasurerWinkler Nancy$148,523.00
2015Borough Of BaldwinPolice OfficerJones James P$148,366.56
2015Center City District Of PhiladelphiaV.p. Pub. Safety & CHughes William$148,164.60
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveKomorowski John$148,141.68
2015Township Of FallsPiasecki Gerard$148,128.90
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainAlexander William$148,077.68
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerMcclain Richard E$147,976.15
2015City Of PittsburghFire LieutenantSoergel Peter K$147,796.68
2015Police Department Of Millcreek TownshipCaptainFaipler Randy E$147,782.22
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefCiesielski Robert J$147,698.87
2015City Of Lancaster CityDir PwKatzenmoyer Charlotte$147,475.01
2015Township Of CranberryTwp ManagAndree Jerry$147,442.32
2015Township Of CollierPatrolmanOslick William$147,414.01
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantHohos William S$147,329.89
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefMarks Michael J$147,294.50
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveSchmidt David$147,273.02
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainDunlap Ronald$147,173.86
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantFitzpatrick Thomas$146,882.41
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveGolphin Billy$146,825.07
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Fire FighterGodovchik Joseph$146,802.94
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefZurawsky Michael P$146,751.37
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveMellon Sean$146,370.83
2015County Of MontgomeryCombination Of 6501 & 030Nugent John F$146,261.73
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveCrone James$145,937.22
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerHerndon Bobbie J$145,759.79
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityCole Kenneth D$145,660.23
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantLynch William$145,646.26
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSocial Work Services Manager 2Minus Craig$145,531.12
2015Township Of WillistownKushner Michael R$145,457.31
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Battalion ChiefWnek Matthew$145,366.42
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Unit ChiefBlessington Patrick$145,340.00
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityColberg Michael J$145,281.02
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveGriffin James$145,174.35
2015City Of PittsburghParamedic 5th YearBerg Daniel A$145,103.63
2015City Of PhiladelphiaWaste Collection District SupervisorJackson Raymond$145,008.98
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant District Attorney 6Cameron Edward$145,000.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorLinton Jacquelyn$144,900.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaExecutive DirectorLue Rosetta$144,900.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSenior Legislative AdvisorFichandler Hal$144,864.00
2015City Of PittsburghFirefighter Instructor/pMohan Bernard M$144,771.38
2015City Of PittsburghFire Captain/pRutkowski R P$144,760.05
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityKrut William E$144,505.11
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainPlutt Allison B$144,495.59
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Paramedic CaptainGeorge Jr Raymond$144,479.36
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveKeppol Edward$144,391.97
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerAldridge Glenn E$144,093.99
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantDeegan Mark$143,997.40
2015City Of Lancaster CityPol ChiefSadler Keith$143,899.60
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveGlenn Henry$143,883.55
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantMc Ginn Timothy$143,852.69
2015Borough Of LansdaleTrail Michael B$143,798.44
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveVenson Derrick$143,772.90
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Battalion ChiefWoodhouse Hugh$143,745.87
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveBurke James$143,607.10
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveKelhower Jr William$143,472.10
2015Township Of FallsTomcho Matthew S$143,457.98
2015Municipal Authority Of Westmoreland CountyAssistant ManagerCeraso Thomas C$143,403.83
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerCarey Phillip A$143,304.87
2015Township Of TredyffrinLieutenant AdministrativeLandis Taro$143,283.42
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Unit ChiefMcdermott Jan$143,225.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDirector Of Policy & PlanningMallya Giridhar$143,218.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaExec. Dir.-office Of Economic OpportunityDowd Burton Angela$143,218.00
2015Transit Authority Of Beaver CountyGeneral ManagerMorandini Mary Jo$143,172.58
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainMckenna Iii James$142,943.09
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Chief Information OfficerHayling Raymond$142,830.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Chief Information OfficerRobertson Steven$142,830.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Chief Information OfficerWhite James$142,830.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAsst. Dep. Commissioner Fin.servicesGeorge James$142,830.00
2015Township Of CumruWoll Timothy C$142,780.78
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSocial Work Services Manager 2Moultrie Stacey$142,763.45
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityThomas Clayton$142,751.05
2015City Of PhiladelphiaExecutive Director-phila. Board Of EthicsCreamer Jr J Shane$142,747.00
2015Township Of East GoshenTownship ManagerSmith Jr Louis F$142,661.60
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveDougherty James$142,648.88
2015City Of PittsburghParamedic 5th YearTrebac Donald$142,591.65
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerSignorella Troy L$142,580.11
2015Township Of FindlayPolice CaptainJoyce Mark T$142,439.27
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantByard Andrew$142,366.67
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantCooney Timothy$142,290.45
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorSullivan Joseph$142,058.70
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of Finance-risk Mgmt.Scott Barry$142,052.00
2015Township Of Mount LebanonStover Daniel J$141,954.98
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Unit ChiefVega Carlos$141,725.00
2015Township Of RadnorWhite William M$141,555.96
2015Township Of BristolPolice SwornDesilva Anthony D$141,548.77
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSocial Work Services Manager 2Williams Regina$141,513.94
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantHlavac Jr Eugene F$141,497.80
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Unit ChiefConroy Jude$141,445.00
2015Township Of BristolTownship MgrMccauley Iii William J$141,400.08
2015Township Of WillistownKlinger Robert P$141,362.00
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainOssler Charles$141,338.36
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorWilson Dennis$141,327.92
2015Township Of FallsArnao Joseph$141,264.55
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantGallagher William$141,218.33
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantDuffy Sean E$141,191.23
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantAnderson Michael$141,145.45
2015Township Of TredyffrinSergeantHughes Brian S$141,096.63
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityLewkowicz Edward T$141,038.30
2015Township Of FindlayPolice ChiefLesko Jr Jesse J$140,944.86
2015Water Authority Of West ViewDirector Of OperationsDinkel Joseph A$140,888.04
2015Township Of NewtownFerguson Kurt$140,878.86
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerHartung Daniel P$140,848.14
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorDorsey Cynthia$140,829.48
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityHainsey Ronald W$140,716.70
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainCrawford Scott$140,697.26
2015Township Of Mount LebanonMcmurtrie Michael R$140,691.09
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityLynch Michael J$140,602.81
2015Township Of WillistownWill Robert S$140,568.98
2015Township Of MccandlessCordek Tobias M$140,391.12
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicKern-hughes Brittney$140,380.95
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveCampbell Francesco$140,365.98
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveBurke Jeffrey$140,325.76
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Paramedic LieutenantTaylor James$140,252.91
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Firefighter/pKelly Michael T$140,201.06
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicRoberts Kevin$140,164.38
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorFlacco Christopher$140,127.20
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSenior Legislative CounselChristmas John$140,000.00
2015Borough Of LansdaleOropeza Nicholas A$139,953.39
2015Township Of Penn HillsRayan Mohammed F$139,854.28
2015City Of PittsburghBattalion ChiefBecker William$139,819.45
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorMulvey Alice$139,792.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorPatterson Myron$139,792.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorSmall Scott$139,792.00
2015City Of PittsburghPolice LieutenantEpperson Shirley R$139,725.31
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorAbernathy Brian$139,725.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant District Attorney 6Gilson Mark$139,725.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaExecutive DirectorGladstein Eva$139,725.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice Officer 1Quinn Dennis$139,700.51
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire CaptainBompadre Anthony$139,646.48
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantSpires Francis$139,569.68
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSocial Work SupervisorStarks Rhonda$139,527.47
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantWalker John$139,427.86
2015City Of PittsburghPolice Officer/detectiveGilkey John$139,337.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Unit ChiefGodfrey Robin Beth$139,192.00
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerJeffrey John A$139,179.33
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveBass Timothy$139,117.19
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Police InspectorHolmes Jr Carl$139,101.00
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainSokol Guy A$138,961.91
2015Township Of WillistownHill George E$138,874.75
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantLark Vida$138,711.39
2015City Of PittsburghPolice LieutenantSloan Shirley J$138,679.55
2015County Of DauphinWarden Dauphin County PrisonDerose Jr Dominick L$138,673.60
2015City Of PhiladelphiaMajority LeaderJones Jr Curtis$138,613.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaCity Commissioner ChairmanClark Anthony$138,612.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantDambach Jr James$138,610.16
2015Center City District Of PhiladelphiaV.p. Parks & StreetsBussey Steven$138,562.92
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterMoralis Rodney$138,518.46
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice SergeantJones Mark$138,497.54
2015City Of PittsburghPolice Officer/detectiveKlaczak John J$138,417.80
2015Borough Of West ChesterBorough ManagerCotter Michael A$138,401.01
2015City Of PhiladelphiaProsecution Detective LieutenantLee Kenyatta$138,380.23
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerWatt Jeffrey M$138,363.52
2015Sanitary Authority Of Wyoming ValleyExecutive DirectorTomaine James$138,322.42
2015County Of MontgomeryLieutenant DetectiveGilbert Michael A$138,243.52
2015Township Of Mount LebanonStaaf Richard H$138,124.09
2015Township Of Mount LebanonRicciuti Rodger A$138,097.71
2015Township Of Lower PaxtonTownship ManagerWolfe George S$138,017.01
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChair Corporate & Tax GroupCantu-hertzler Daniel$138,000.00
2015County Of MontgomeryLieutenant DetectiveNilsen Richard J$137,948.91
2015Township Of FallsWhite Bryan P$137,923.91
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDir. Of Office Of Housing And Comm. Dev.Mc Colloch Deborah$137,914.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of FinanceConnors Jeremiah$137,914.00
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainMay Timothy J$137,909.69
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveJoyce William$137,846.73
2015City Of PittsburghCrew ChiefCarter Antwain R$137,820.01
2015County Of MontgomeryDeputy Coo-policy/planngSoltysiak Leon A$137,814.41
2015Township Of East NorritonDelamater Donald$137,808.92
2015City Of PittsburghPolice LieutenantSciulli Dominick C$137,731.40
2015Township Of Penn HillsBurton Howard L$137,729.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Managing DirectorMintz Dainette$137,655.00
2015Township Of FallsMetterle Stephanie A$137,563.66
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterMurtaugh Timothy$137,552.13
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice Officer 1Johnson Todd$137,518.24
2015Township Of NewtownPasqualini Henry P$137,432.37
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveWatkins Carl$137,426.54
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Police OfficerDuffola Thomas Z$137,385.31
2015Borough Of BrentwoodMeisel Jr William M$137,324.43
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantDonnelly Terrence J$137,306.52
2015City Of PittsburghFire CaptainNewham Donald E$137,299.53
2015City Of PhiladelphiaChief Operating OfficerCarter Iv William$137,138.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDirector Of Human ResourcesD Attilio Albert$137,099.00
2015Water Authority Of ChesterMacewen Brian P$137,082.09
2015Water Authority Of ChesterKrupiak David J$137,080.86
2015Public Authority Of Monroeville MunicipalityTrkula John M$136,979.33
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantMc Cairns Timothy$136,970.50
2015Municipal Authority Of Westmoreland CountyAssistant MgrAshton John P$136,961.62
2015Township Of NewtownBartle Daniel J$136,958.32
2015City Of PhiladelphiaPolice LieutenantRosenbaum Dennis$136,896.55
2015City Of PhiladelphiaExec Dir Housing & Community DevWetzel Herbert$136,889.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterBrown Michael$136,887.98
2015Township Of FallsCaesar Jonathan W$136,886.94
2015City Of PhiladelphiaAssistant Unit ChiefDolgenos Thomas$136,853.00
2015Township Of Mount LebanonWelsh Michael J$136,843.01
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterBane Jr Alex$136,733.67
2015Township Of Lower ProvidenceCarroll Francis$136,716.30
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirst Deputy City ControllerRubin William$136,661.00
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Sheriff CaptainGuess Monte$136,654.98
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDetectiveSweeney Terence$136,621.72
2015Township Of RossDevenyi Balazs$136,614.67
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFire Serv ParamedicWilliams Mark$136,587.02
2015City Of PittsburghPolice Officer/detectiveJones Rufus O$136,548.63
2015City Of PhiladelphiaFirefighterStinson Jerome$136,536.62
2015Township Of FindlayPolice SergeantDowning Thomas$136,519.96
2015City Of PittsburghPolice SergeantCarlson Walter R$136,463.22
2015Township Of FallsCoffman Catherine N$136,411.63
2015City Of PhiladelphiaDeputy Director Of CommerceBumb Duane$136,370.00
2015City Of PittsburghMaster Fire FighterRaleigh David A$136,311.10
2015Public Housing Authority Of HarrisburgVice PresidentBurroughs Darren$136,269.02
2015Township Of WillistownWahn Andrew J$136,190.08
2015City Of PhiladelphiaSocial Work SupervisorMcknight Tamika$136,108.66
2015County Of MontgomeryDetectiveMarino Drew A$136,053.90
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