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TN - State/Local Employee Salaries - Village, Township, County, Park, Library, Local

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2014City Of MemphisMayorWharton A C Jr.$170,817.00
2015ExecutiveMayorWharton A C Jr.$170,817.00
2013City Of MemphisMayorWharton A C Jr.$162,925.00
2014City Of MemphisOfficerchief AdminLittle George$155,012.00
2015ExecutiveMayor Special AsstLittle George$155,012.00
2015ExecutiveChief Admin OfficerSammons Jack M.$155,012.00
2013City Of MemphisOfficerchief AdminLittle George$147,850.00
2015City AttorneyCity AttorneyMorris Herman$139,443.00
2014City Of MemphisAttorneycityMorris Herman$139,443.00
2014City Of MemphisOfficerchief InfoNair Brenton$137,136.00
2015Information ServicesChief Info OfficerNair Brenton$137,136.00
2015City JudgesAdmin JudgeSugarmon Tarik B.$133,515.00
2014City Of MemphisJudgeadminSugarmon Tarik B.$133,515.00
2013City Of MemphisAttorneycityMorris Herman$133,000.00
2015City JudgesJudgeChandler Leven Jayne R.$131,499.00
2014City Of MemphisJudgeChandler Leven Jayne R.$131,499.00
2015City JudgesJudgeDorse Earnestine Hunt$131,499.00
2014City Of MemphisJudgeDorse Earnestine Hunt$131,499.00
2015FinanceFinance DirectorCollins Brian$131,055.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorfinanceCollins Brian$131,055.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorwinexecEarp Naomi$131,055.00
2013City Of MemphisOfficerchief InfoNair Brenton$130,800.00
2015City Court ClerkCity Court ClerkLong Thomas E. Sr$129,498.00
2014City Of MemphisCourt ClerkcityLong Thomas E. Sr$129,498.00
2013City Of MemphisJudgeadminDorse Earnestine Hunt$127,346.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorpolice SvcsArmstrong Toney C.$126,001.00
2015Police ServicesPolice Svcs DirectorArmstrong Toney C.$126,001.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorfire SvcsBenson Alvin D.$126,001.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorpublic WorksGilliom Dwan L.$126,001.00
2015Public WorksPublic Works DirectorGilliom Dwan L.$126,001.00
2015Fire ServicesFire Svcs DirectorPutt Michael P.$126,001.00
2013City Of MemphisDirectorport CommissionexecRichardson James Randolph$125,506.00
2013City Of MemphisJudgeChandler Leven Jayne R.$125,423.00
2013City Of MemphisJudgeSugarmon Tarik B.$125,423.00
2013City Of MemphisDirectorfinanceCollins Brian$125,000.00
2015Workforce InvestmentWin Director ExecWoods Kevin$125,000.00
2015General ServicesGeneral Svcs DirectorAdams Antonio$124,638.00
2014City Of MemphisEngineercityCameron John E.$124,638.00
2015EngineeringCity EngineerCameron John E.$124,638.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorparks & NeighborhoodsHooks Janet$124,638.00
2015Parks & NeighborhoodsParks & Neighborhoods DirectorHooks Janet$124,638.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorhcdLipscomb Robert$124,638.00
2015Housing/community DevHcd DirectorLipscomb Robert$124,638.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorgeneral SvcsLott Martha C.$124,638.00
2014City Of MemphisDirectorhuman ResourcesRobinson Quintin$124,638.00
2015Human ResourcesHuman Resources DirectorRobinson Quintin$124,638.00
2013City Of MemphisCourt ClerkcityLong Thomas E. Sr$123,523.00
2013City Of MemphisDirectorpolice SvcsArmstrong Toney C.$120,180.00
2013City Of MemphisDirectorfire SvcsBenson Alvin D.$120,180.00
2013City Of MemphisDirectorpublic WorksGilliom Dwan L.$120,180.00
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