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2015City Of MemphisLibrary_customer Svc AsstAbdalla Denise D$28,517.00
2016City Of MemphisLibrarian IAbdalla Denise D$32,006.00
2014City Of MemphisAsstlibrary_customer SvcAbdalla Denise D$28,516.80
2015City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAbdellatif Mujahed M$53,574.00
2016City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAbdellatif Mujahed M$56,147.78
2014City Of MemphisOfficerpoliceiiAbdellatif Mujahed M$53,573.52
2015City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAbdul-baaqee Mahajj$53,574.00
2016City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAbdul-baaqee Mahajj$56,694.04
2014City Of MemphisOfficerpoliceiiAbdul-baaqee Mahajj$53,573.52
2014City Of MemphisParamedicfirefighterAbdullah Rasul Talib$56,375.28
2014City Of MemphisOfficerpoliceiiAbdul-wakil Derrick$53,573.52
2015City Of MemphisPolice LieutenantAble Latanya D$63,952.00
2016City Of MemphisPolice LieutenantAble Latanya D$67,024.62
2014City Of MemphisLieutenantpoliceAble Latanya D$63,951.94
2016City Of MemphisMnt_fire MechAbles Bobby L$60,037.38
2014City Of MemphisMechmnt_fireAbles Bobby L$59,443.02
2015City Of MemphisMnt_fire MechAbles Bobby L$59,443.00
2016City Of MemphisStoppage_sewer OperAbles Dominique L$39,667.42
2016City Of MemphisFire RecruitAbram Bradley$34,287.24
2016City Of MemphisCrewpersonAbrum Rubin$33,444.06
2014City Of MemphisCrewpersonAbrum Rubin$32,623.50
2015City Of MemphisCrewpersonAbrum Rubin$32,624.00
2014City Of MemphisOfficerpoliceiiAckerman Taylor W$53,573.52
2016City Of MemphisFire Private IiAckers Mario C$54,348.84
2014City Of MemphisPrivatefireiiAckers Mario C$51,721.02
2015City Of MemphisFire Private IiAckers Mario C$51,721.00
2015City Of MemphisSergeantAcosta Frederick L$59,026.00
2016City Of MemphisSergeantAcosta Frederick L$61,862.84
2014City Of MemphisSergeantAcosta Frederick L$59,026.50
2015City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAcred William Jay$53,574.00
2016City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAcred William Jay$56,694.04
2014City Of MemphisOfficerpoliceiiAcred William Jay$53,573.52
2014City Of MemphisOfficerpoliceiiAdair Jessica M$53,573.52
2015City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAdair Jessica Morgan$53,574.00
2016City Of MemphisPolice Officer IiAdair Jessica Morgan$56,147.78
2015City Of MemphisMajorAdair Rodney E$72,915.00
2016City Of MemphisMajorAdair Rodney E$76,418.42
2014City Of MemphisMajorAdair Rodney E$72,914.92
2016City Of MemphisFire InspAdams Alan W$64,340.38
2014City Of MemphisInspfireAdams Alan W$61,229.74
2015City Of MemphisFire InspAdams Alan W$61,230.00
2016City Of MemphisFirefighter ParamedicAdams Allen W$59,239.70
2014City Of MemphisParamedicfirefighterAdams Allen W$56,375.28
2015City Of MemphisFirefighter ParamedicAdams Allen W$56,375.00
2015City Of MemphisCirculation Rep SrAdams Angela M$27,896.00
2016City Of MemphisCirculation AsstAdams Angela M$28,597.66
2014City Of MemphisRepcirculationsrAdams Angela M$27,896.18
2015City Of MemphisGeneral Svcs DirectorAdams Antonio$124,638.00
2016City Of MemphisGeneral Svcs DirectorAdams Antonio$126,507.42
2014City Of MemphisDirectorgeneral SvcsdeputyAdams Antonio$108,686.24
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