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TX - State/Local Employee Salaries - All Local Employees

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Annual Wages

2017City Of LaredoCity ManagerJesus Olivares M$651,867.56
2017City Of San Antonio1022-City ManagerSculley Sheryl L$542,117.83
2017City Of Fort WorthPolice OfficerDunn James$527,595.04
2017City Of ChicoDirector Of Pub WksCowley Edward L$479,253.44
2017City Of HoustonPersse David$395,251.94
2017City Of GarlandElectric Chief Operating OfficerHancock Iii Tom J$393,546.91
2017City Of ManvelJung Kyle$392,529.25
2017City Of GarlandElectric General ManagerJanke Jeff R$388,706.46
2017City Of ManvelWhite Fred J$379,526.09
2017City Of AustinGeneral Mgr Electric UtilitySargent Jacqueline Ann$369,012.80
2017City Of San Antonio0604-Police SergeantWise Edward Joseph$359,843.27
2017City Of HoustonSouders Chris$358,864.30
2017City Of RichardsonCity ManagerJohnson Daniel A$358,771.74
2017City Of DallasBroadnax Jr Tc$350,005.97
2017City Of HoustonYium Larry$340,811.92
2017City Of Fort WorthCity ManagerCooke David$335,109.91
2017City Of AustinMuniprog Official/AdminSmith James W$324,480.00
2017City Of San Antonio1000-City AttorneySegovia Andrew$317,659.79
2017City Of El PasoCity ManagerGonzalez Tomas$315,000.00
2017City Of StantonFinance DirectorSimer Patsy D$314,696.26
2017City Of WhitesboroBenson Brock$312,000.00
2017City Of ArlingtonYelverton Fred$310,290.04
2017City Of PlanoCity ManagerGlasscock Bruce D$307,211.53
2017City Of FriscoCity ManagerPurefoy George$302,870.04
2017City Of IrvingPolice ChiefSpivey Jeffery L$293,047.35
2017City Of DallasAlston Cheryl D$292,372.78
2017City Of HoustonAcevedo Hubert$287,152.05
2017City Of DallasCasto Larry$283,305.48
2017City Of LubbockMccalla David W$280,001.28
2017City Of GarlandElectric Chief Financial OfficerCline Darrell W$278,760.20
2017City Of DallasVeasley James E$278,628.68
2017City Of DickinsonRobinson Julie M$276,331.58
2017City Of HoustonDiaz Mario$275,341.92
2017City Of HoustonLewis Ronald$275,033.92
2017City Of BoerneCity ManagerBowman Ronald C$275,000.96
2017City Of LewisvilleCity ManagerBarron Donna$274,199.95
2017City Of WylieCity AttorneyHigh Don N$270,400.00
2017City Of RoanokeCity ManagerCampbell Scott$268,095.65
2017City Of LubbockAtkinson William J$268,001.76
2017City Of AustinEms System Medical DirectorEscott Mark Edward$266,510.40
2017City Of IrvingCity ManagerHillman Christopher B$262,450.12
2017City Of Fort WorthCity AttorneyFullenwider Sarah$262,170.33
2017City Of McKinneyCity ManagerGrimes Paul$262,000.00
2017City Of AllenCity ManagerVargas Peter H$261,284.14
2017City Of HoustonHilliard Howard$258,359.91
2017City Of DentonCity ManagerHileman Lawrence Todd$257,500.00
2017City Of HoustonTotz Kenneth$256,800.00
2017City Of San Antonio1021-Deputy City ManagerWalsh Erik J$255,684.99
2017City Of Corpus ChristiFire CaptainRogers James L$254,209.68
2017City Of San Antonio1021-Deputy City ManagerZanoni Peter Damian$252,577.32
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