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Annual Wages

2017Fort Bend IsdA Yuefeng$23,904.00
2017Hays CisdAaberg Dulane$67,010.00
2017Cypress-fairbanks IsdAadireddy Lakshmi$21,628.00
2017Galveston IsdAadland Dustin$15,733.00
2017Galveston IsdAadland Vanessa$15,898.00
2017Midway IsdAagesen Linda$1,811.00
2017Commerce IsdAake Elymina$26,465.00
2017Northside IsdAala Don$32,090.00
2017Charlotte IsdAala Marlyn$40,300.00
2017College Station IsdAalbers Katherine$49,413.00
2017Joshua IsdAalbers Kerry$61,849.00
2017Austin IsdAaltonen Kristen$52,644.00
2017Clear Creek IsdAalund Charlotte$59,410.00
2017Round Rock IsdAamodt Tabitha$4,140.00
2017Mansfield IsdAan Janean$29,011.00
2017Weatherford IsdAanenson Brandy$49,331.00
2017North East IsdAanonsen Glen$47,923.00
2017Galena Park IsdAaron Alicia$54,000.00
2017Bonham IsdAaron Amanda$33,090.00
2017Alvin IsdAaron Amy$55,110.00
2017Pasadena IsdAaron Ana$59,413.00
2017Burleson IsdAaron Ashley$58,030.00
2017Burleson IsdAaron Ashley$58,030.00
2017Tyler IsdAaron Barbie$47,300.00
2017San Felipe-del Rio CisdAaron Bertha$23,281.00
2017Union Grove IsdAaron Bryan$55,000.00
2017Commerce IsdAaron Cariece$42,585.00
2017Garland IsdAaron Chauvin$65,383.00
2017Academy IsdAaron Cindy$23,936.00
2017Spring IsdAaron Courtney$52,536.00
2017Duncanville IsdAaron Davisha$67,888.00
2017Wylie IsdAaron Deanna$64,273.00
2017Boerne IsdAaron Debra$60,837.00
2017Katy IsdAaron Debra$72,133.00
2017Cisco IsdAaron Dee$44,840.00
2017Cypress-fairbanks IsdAaron Denise$52,530.00
2017Killeen IsdAaron Elizabeth$18,992.00
2017Alvin IsdAaron Eric$67,445.00
2017Galena Park IsdAaron Evelyn$53,400.00
2017Cypress-fairbanks IsdAaron Gary$66,931.00
2017Richardson IsdAaron Jelana$56,952.00
2017Kilgore IsdAaron Jennifer$46,370.00
2017Galena Park IsdAaron Jenny$57,900.00
2017Denton IsdAaron Jon$62,445.00
2017Tomball IsdAaron Joshua$11,275.00
2017Texas City IsdAaron Kathryn$62,402.00
2017Springtown IsdAaron Kelly$45,690.00
2017Dallas IsdAaron Kristin$56,000.00
2017Cedar Hill IsdAaron Kymberlye$55,320.00
2017Midland IsdAaron Lana$1,527.00
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