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Dollars Obligated

2015Kemosabe Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer ProjectSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,200,000.00
2015Low Voltage Systems AV Cabling Security System Fire Alarm Camera SurveillanceEL PASODantek Systems$1,193,068.00
20152013 Union Wine Road Water Improvements - Zipp Road to FM 725SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,150,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,148,459.00
2016Kallison Ranch Area High School 24 Inch Oversized Water MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,125,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,116,853.00
2017MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,115,906.00
2017Pothole RepairEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants$1,112,304.00
2017Pothole Repair - RMC-630853001 El Paso County - Various LocationsEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants$1,112,304.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,104,054.00
2016Swimming Pool ConstructionLAREDOAyala Pools$1,100,000.00
2016Replace Water Treatment Plant Filter Valves and Actuators Building 12EL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants$1,100,000.00
2016Weiss Lane Transmission Main Phase 1ASAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,100,000.00
2015Sierra Providence East 3rd Floor RenovationEL PASOCoefficient Electric & Communication Systems$1,100,000.00
2015Rowe Loop Wastewater Service ExtensionSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,100,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,099,782.00
2015Hotel Saint George: Plumbintg and HVACEL PASOEl Paso A.R.C. Electric Inc.$1,095,016.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,091,367.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,075,341.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,063,690.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,059,830.00
2015Baseball & Softball FieldsEL CAMPOK-C Lease Services Inc. dba Matagorda Constr$1,056,948.00
2016New Tenant Improvement for Household FurnitureEL PASOCK Construction Inc.$1,050,000.00
2016Schneider Tract Subdivision 24 Inch CIP Approach Water MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,025,000.00
2016MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS$1,000,471.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageAUSTINCharta Group Inc.$1,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageHOUSTONEverest Valve Company$1,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageHOUSTONHallmark Sales Corporation$1,000,000.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageMONTGOMERYNorth American Trade Corporation$1,000,000.00
2016Highland Campus Annex Phase 2 Faculty OfficesAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.$1,000,000.00
2016Multiple buildings exterior repair and renovationDALLASGCC Enterprises Inc.$1,000,000.00
2016Wide Crack SealEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants$1,000,000.00
20162015 USDA Water System Improvements Project Contract "B"SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,000,000.00
20162015 USDA Water System Improvements Project Contract "B"SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,000,000.00
20162011 USDA RD Water System Improvements ProjectSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,000,000.00
2015Hwy 183 Utility Relocation Phase IISAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$1,000,000.00
2016RoofingFORT WORTHBenco Construction Services Inc.$999,899.00
2017Construction of a single story residence for Priests at Catholic Church in TX.AUSTINWilde Custome Homes Inc.$991,025.00
2015New Construction of Auto Lab Texas BuildingHOUSTONCorinthian Contracting LLC$972,578.00
2016Renovation of ARAC Building at Robert Gray AirfieldAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.$950,000.00
2016Water System Replacement 2016SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$950,000.00
20152013 Union Wine Road Water Improvements - Zipp Road to FM 725SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC$928,226.00
2017Foreign Credit Insurance CoverageHOUSTONPeter Batarse Enterprises Inc.$900,000.00
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