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Recipient Name

Dollars Obligated

2016Citywide Maintenance of Parkway StructuresEL PASOAztec Contractors Inc.($6,000,000.00)
2015New construction of Sleep Inn HotelADDISONHyphen Construction Group Inc.($4,338,705.00)
2017Crystal Clear Transmission MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($3,830,000.00)
2016Castroville DWSRF Water Line ReplacementSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($3,000,000.00)
2016Upgrade Facility Steam DistributionEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants($2,900,000.00)
2015El Paso Zoo Event TentEL PASOCK Construction Inc.($2,500,000.00)
20162015 USDA Water System Improvements Project Contract "B"SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($2,000,000.00)
2016Davis High School New Parking Lot Along Fulton Street # CSP16-02-64PASADENARonald G. Laurent dba Glynns Contracting Serv($1,950,000.00)
2016Airport Utility ImprovementsSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,850,000.00)
2015Repair Replace Waterline System - Victoria Regional AirportSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,700,000.00)
2016Renovation of ARAC Building at Robert Gray AirfieldAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($1,600,000.00)
2016Highland Estates 24 Inch Oversize Approach Water Main (12 in. Required)SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,600,000.00)
20152013 Union Wine Road Water Improvements - Zipp Road to FM 725SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,500,000.00)
2016North Travis County Municipal Utility District #5 Water Distribution Service ProCEDAR PARKWhitestone Civil Construction LLC($1,300,000.00)
2015Rowe Loop Wastewater Service ExtensionSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,300,000.00)
2015Heideke-Martindale Street Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,300,000.00)
2015Fredericksburg Water ProjectsSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,300,000.00)
2016Lift Station Elimination Phase II - Lift Station #73SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,200,000.00)
2016FM 471 Elementary School #3 Offsite Sanitary Sewer - Northside ISDSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,200,000.00)
2015John S. Harrison House Stabilizations & RehabilitationAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($1,200,000.00)
2015FM 2725 12 Inch Water LineSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,200,000.00)
2015Kemosabe Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer ProjectSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,200,000.00)
2016Kallison Ranch Area High School 24 Inch Oversized Water MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,125,000.00)
2017Pothole RepairEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants($1,112,304.00)
2017Pothole Repair - RMC-630853001 El Paso County - Various LocationsEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants($1,112,304.00)
2016Schneider Tract Subdivision 24 Inch CIP Approach Water MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,025,000.00)
2016Highland Campus Annex Phase 2 Faculty OfficesAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($1,000,000.00)
2016Wide Crack SealEL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants($1,000,000.00)
2015Hwy 183 Utility Relocation Phase IISAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($1,000,000.00)
2016Water System Replacement 2016SAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($950,000.00)
2016Veterinary Clinic Brooks City BaseAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($925,000.00)
2016Fine Arts Additions at Hill Country Middle SchoolAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($900,000.00)
201612 Inch Waterline from Barnes Well to West Point PlantSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($900,000.00)
2015City of Lampasas Council Chambers & Municipal Court OfficesAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($900,000.00)
2016WIDE CRACK SEAL- RMC 630729001EL PASOSynergy Projects Consultants($897,482.00)
2016Renovations to St. Elmo Elementary SchoolAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($865,600.00)
2015PV Community Development Corporation 314 Glenwood 05EL PASOCK Construction Inc.($860,000.00)
2015Renovations to the PT/OT Clinic at the UHS Robert B. Green CampusAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($850,000.00)
2015McAllister Park ImprovementsAUSTINMajestic Services Inc.($850,000.00)
2015Part "C" Water Line Replacement and UpgradesSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($850,000.00)
2016East Evans 24 Inch Approach and Border MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($800,000.00)
2016Camp Bullis Road 12-inch Water MainSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($800,000.00)
2015Presidio TX LPOE Security Upgrades 1 2 3 & 4 - # GS-07-P-15-UK-C-0030EL PASOEl Paso J.A.G. Inc.($781,362.00)
2016Tanglewood Estates Septic Tank Elimination Program PH IX-BSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($700,000.00)
2016Airport Water and Sewer Improvements - New Braunfels Municipal AirportSAN ANTONIOWauters Engineering LLC($700,000.00)
2016Nolan Creek Trunk Sewer Phase ICEDAR PARKWhitestone Civil Construction LLC($700,000.00)
2015AISD House Park Sports ComplexAUSTINASD Consultants Inc.($700,000.00)
2016Multipurpose Classrooms Group 6C - Whitaker Elementary School Bid # CSP15-082EL PASOCK Construction Inc.($679,981.00)
2015Pedestrian Wayfinding Improvements - Project # 15-596.800-01HOUSTONIntex United Inc.($670,000.00)
2015Killeen Homeless ShelterAUSTINMajestic Services Inc.($650,000.00)
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