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2016County Of HarrisGeneral Electric Cap Corp$3,957,507,286.24
2016City Of CleburneHunt Construction Group Inc$723,885,814.00
2016City Of CleburneFederal Withholding$301,884,244.41
2016County Of HarrisAetna Life Insurance Co$245,837,950.34
2016County Of Ector5053$232,550,272.98
2016County Of HarrisTexas County & District$202,853,899.04
2016City Of CleburneThe Bank Of New York Mellon Tr$161,355,539.00
2016City Of CleburneBrazos River Authority$101,657,258.00
2016County Of HarrisTexas Turnpike Authority$100,130,864.92
2016County Of HarrisSiebert Brandford Shank$76,827,159.07
2016Independent School District Of DentonBalfour Beatty Construction Llc$72,351,614.86
2016County Of HarrisStifel Nicolaus & Co Inc$72,165,000.00
2016County Of CookeCooke County Electric C 04$66,464,315.56
2016City Of CleburneTx Municipal Retirement$65,509,958.00
2016City Of San AngeloCity Of San Angelo Payroll$62,462,160.88
2016City Of CleburneTml Intergovernmental$51,986,805.43
2016City Of CleburneGexa Energy$51,225,204.44
2016City Of CleburneAttorney General Child$50,437,338.00
2016County Of HarrisCoastal Securities Ltd$49,479,343.75
2016City Of CleburneTx Comptroller Of Public Accou$48,912,643.66
2016County Of HarrisFt Bend Parkway Toll Rd$45,155,899.97
2016County Of HarrisPulice Construction$42,055,450.88
2016Independent School District Of GreenvilleBartlett Cocke Gener$41,081,411.37
2016County Of EctorEctor Co Payroll Account E$38,549,256.61
2016City Of Portland3194$38,429,692.90
2016County Of HarrisTranscore$37,793,642.87
2016City Of CleburneWestern Train Company$37,750,615.00
2016City Of San AngeloSan Angelo National Bank$35,895,440.15
2016City Of CleburneWhitewater Construction Inc$35,780,710.00
2016County Of HarrisHarris Ctr For Mental Health A$35,506,898.22
2016City Of CleburneAmegy Bank$34,646,679.00
2016City Of CleburneCigna Group Insurance$34,535,095.29
2016City Of CleburneNapa Auto Parts$33,803,940.92
2016County Of HarrisCharter Title Co$32,507,415.91
2016City Of CleburneIesi Tx Landfill Lp$32,058,348.56
2016County Of WichitaWichita County Payroll Fund$31,671,548.69
2016County Of HarrisJt Vaughn Construction Llc$30,635,861.06
2016Independent School District Of Copperas CoveFrost Bank$30,298,376.04
2016City Of OrangeCity Of Orange Employee Benefit Trust$29,107,677.70
2016City Of LockhartBank-draft Total:$28,544,395.50
2016County Of AtascosaAccounts Payable Cleari$26,916,480.57
2016County Of HarrisState Comptroller$26,232,552.83
2016City Of CleburneLowe's$26,221,420.98
2016City Of CleburnePhoenix Fabricators & Erectors$25,677,807.00
2016County Of HardinOperations Clearing Acct$24,946,074.50
2016Independent School District Of ComalRegions Bank$24,795,437.54
2016Independent School District Of AllenTeacher Retirement System$24,775,471.94
2016County Of CollinInternal Revenue Service$24,216,922.51
2016County Of CollinUnited Healthcare$23,977,688.68
2016City Of CleburneChildress Engineers Inc$23,912,439.00
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