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US - Spending - SBA Loans $1M+ (2007-2013)

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Recipient City Name

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Face Value

2011AshevilleSouth College Of North Carolina Inc$491,056,525.00
2011RockvilleHair Expressions Academy Inc$206,090,980.00
2010White PlainsFifth Street Mezzanine Partner$150,000,000.00
2011ChicagoMonroe Capital Partners Fund L$150,000,000.00
2008ArlingtonSolutions Capital I Lp$130,000,000.00
2007Palo AltoHercules Technology Ii Lp$127,200,000.00
2011Los AngelesPalace Beauty College$111,560,841.00
2010New YorkDeerpath Fundinglp$101,735,000.00
2012New YorkBrightwood Capital Sbic I Lp$100,000,000.00
2007CharlotteFidus Mezzanine Capital Lp$100,000,000.00
2013Chevy ChaseMultiplier Capital Lp$95,640,000.00
2012New YorkRmcf Ii Sbic Fund Lp$90,000,000.00
2008RaleighTriangle Mezzanine Fund Lllp$88,750,000.00
2013GreenbraeSilver Lake Waterman Mezzanine$80,000,000.00
2007ShrewsburyContemporary Healthcare Fnd I$76,800,000.00
2011Winston SalemBb&T Capl Prts Mezzanine Ii Lp$75,000,000.00
2013Winston SalemBb&T Capl Prts Mezzanine Ii Lp$75,000,000.00
2010CharlotteCapitalsouth Partners Sbic Fun$75,000,000.00
2011CharlotteCapitalsouth Prts Sbic Fnd Iii$75,000,000.00
2013BostonCrystal Financial Sbic Lp$75,000,000.00
2008Saint LouisEagle Fund Ii Lp$75,000,000.00
2012White PlainsFifth St Mezzanine Prts V Lp$75,000,000.00
2013New YorkGc Sbic V Lp$75,000,000.00
2011MinneapolisGmb Mezzanine Capital Ii Lp$75,000,000.00
2010Palo AltoHercules Technology Iiilp$75,000,000.00
2011Beverly HillsLevine Leichtman Capital Partn$75,000,000.00
2012ChicagoLasalle Capital Group Ii-A L$70,000,000.00
2009New YorkLeg Partners Iii Sbic$70,000,000.00
2013ChicagoFreeport Financial Sbic Fund L$68,525,000.00
2011Wellesley HillsGemini Investors Vlp$62,180,000.00
2012Wellesley HillsGemini Investors V Lp$62,000,000.00
2008HauppaugeWestbury Investment Partners S$61,900,000.00
2009HauppaugeWestbury Investment Partners S$61,900,000.00
2010San FranciscoAlpine Investors Iv Sbiclp$60,000,000.00
2012ChicagoCapx Fund Iv Lp$60,000,000.00
2011New YorkPraesidian Capital Opportunity$59,100,000.00
2012New YorkCapitalspring Sbic Lp$58,390,000.00
2013AustinEscalate Capital Partners Sbic$57,500,000.00
2007BirminghamHarbert Mezzanine Partners Ii$57,500,000.00
2011New YorkCapitalspring Sbic Lp$55,340,000.00
2007WellesleyGemini Investors Iv Lp$55,000,000.00
2008Winston-SalemBb&T Capital Partners/Windsor$53,755,000.00
2010RaleighTriangle Mezzanine Fund Ii Lp$53,400,000.00
2013StamfordBrookside Mezzanine Fund Iii$52,000,000.00
2011New YorkGc Sbic Iv Lp$51,700,000.00
2012New YorkMichigan Growth Cap Prts Sbic$50,060,000.00
2009WayneArogsy Investment Prts Iv Lp$50,000,000.00
2012HopkinsBayview Capital Partners Iii L$50,000,000.00
2007ChantillyBia Digital Partners Sbic Ii L$50,000,000.00
2008ChantillyBia Digital Partners Sbic Ii L$50,000,000.00
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