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US - Spending - SBA Loans $1M+ (2007-2013)

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Recipient City Name

Recipient Name

Face Value

2008Pasadena120 N Madison Llc$1,787,500.00
2007Frisco121 Animal Hospital Pa$1,088,000.00
2013Inwood121 Inflight Catering Llc$2,334,000.00
2011Kirkland121 Park Lane Llc$1,711,600.00
2008Glendale1211 N Pacific Llc$1,355,000.00
2011Sacramento121Main Avenue Llc$1,402,500.00
2011Muskegon1221 East Sherman Llc (Epc) And Shoreline$1,150,000.00
2011Los Angeles1232 East Washington Blvd Propertyllc$1,971,000.00
2013San Jose1236 N 5Th Street Partners Llc$1,346,200.00
2013Southfield123Net Inc$1,132,000.00
2013Corona1250 Enterprise Court Llc$2,295,000.00
2013Fort Myers12670 Creekside Company Llc$4,932,100.00
2011Fremont12A Technologies Inc$1,830,000.00
2011Los Angeles12Th Dh Llc (Epc) To Innovative Natural D$1,440,000.00
2008Santa Monica12Th Street Lots Llc An Epc To Classic T$1,657,500.00
2010Trenton130 South Grill$1,360,000.00
2013Beach Haven1302 Real Estate Company Llc$1,400,000.00
2012West Chester1304 Goshen Parkway Llc$1,476,400.00
2007Brooksville13160 Jacqueline Road Llc$1,425,000.00
2011New York1352 Lexington Llc (Epc) And Pyun Cleane$2,200,000.00
2013Berkeley1356South50Th Llc & Advanced Home Energy$1,150,200.00
2013San Fernando13690 Vaughn St Llc$4,307,700.00
2008Houston13722 Schroeder Road Limited Lp And Pre$1,850,000.00
2013Brooklyn1375 Parkway Enterprises Inc$1,100,000.00
2012Los Angeles13812 South Figueroa Llc (Epc) Ramtex Inc$3,028,000.00
2008Farmingdale14 Realty Lane Llc & Pharbest Pharmaceutic$1,710,000.00
2013San Francisco140 Nm Llc$1,075,000.00
2011Glendale1400 W Glenoaksllc$1,900,000.00
2011Tulsa1402 Zen Dojo Llc$1,439,000.00
2008Seattle1404 East Pine Street Llc (Epc) / Online$1,000,000.00
2011Mount Laurel1415 Kenneth Llc$3,225,000.00
2013Winston Salem1415 River Ridge Drive Llc$1,515,400.00
2011Brooklyn1421-23 Nostrand Avenue Realty Llc$1,750,000.00
2007Oakland1424 Jefferson Inn Inc$1,127,000.00
2011Salt Lake City1430 Partnersllc$1,900,000.00
2011Round Rock1431 Whitestone Property Lp And Bluebonne$3,960,000.00
2009Tucson1435 W River Llc And Arizona Auto Spa 3$1,273,900.00
2009Colorado Springs144 Construction Corporation$1,350,000.00
2010West Palm Beach1444 Llc$1,237,000.00
2011Howell1454 Route 9 Associates Llc & United Innk$1,150,000.00
2013Hawthorne147 Beachwood Holdings Llc$1,763,800.00
2008Chandler1490 West Chandler Llc$1,088,000.00
2010Strongsville14952 Pearl Roadllc & 14952 Propertyll$1,083,800.00
2012Hicksville15 Frederick Place Llc & Pioneer Windows$1,000,000.00
2007Hawthorne15/40 Productions Lte A Califo$1,601,000.00
2013Phoenix1500 E Beth Llc$2,925,000.00
2011Hayward1500 Winton Ave Llc And Aaa Flooring &$1,650,000.00
2013Burbank1508 & 1510 W Verdugo Ave Llc$1,210,000.00
2013Los Angeles1510 Griffith Llc$1,563,000.00
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